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Gallery: Discarded ‘Ghetto’ Clothes Of Kim Kardashian’s Now For Sale On Ebay

Gallery: Discarded 'Ghetto' Clothes Of Kim Kardashian's Now For Sale On Ebay

As part of his ongoing efforts to turn Kim Kardashian into his ideal, high fashion, hip-hop Stepford wife, Kanye West made her excise many of the more “ghetto” items from her closet. (His word, not mine.) And now, lucky us, she’s put said items up for sale on Ebay! While most people might balk at the chance to pay $1,000 for something deemed too trashy for Kim Kardashian, think of it as your good deed for the day. After all, she gives a whopping 10% of the proceeds to charity. Here are a few of my favorite items from Kim’s makeover fire sale. More »

Ebay Is Lousy With Creepy Haunted Dolls

Ebay Is Lousy With Creepy Haunted Dolls

Does Halloween have you feeling like your house just isn’t haunted enough? As with most things in this modern age, you can fix that right quick by whipping out your credit card and going on the Internet. A quick search of the term “haunted doll” on Ebay brings up several hundred results, each claiming to be more haunted than the last. Let’s take a look! More »

Party Favors: Strange Unsettling News From eBay

Party Favors: Strange Unsettling News From eBay

Uh, eBay data indicates women still wear bootcut jeans?! -The Hairpin

25 facts about insect-collecting superdork Anna Farris. -Betty Confidential

Does Southwest go to far with moral impositions? -DoubleX

Ridding your life of tomato stains. Is this a common problem? -StyleList Home

A handy guide to determine if you’re a terrible roommate. -College Candy

Emotional eating continues to cut a swath of heartbreak across womankind, apparently. -YourTango

Rihanna was kicked off a farm in Ireland for dressing inappropriately. -Styleite

The best hand cream… by skin type. -Birchbox

Daily deal sites killing your wallet? Help is on the way. -The High Low

Cool–but mostly pricey–iPad cases. -StyleList

Pippa Middleton pairs her leopard print with gold flats. -The Budget Babe

Let’s talk about the ethics of wearing vintage fur. -Refinery29

And sparkly shoes! Miu Miu ones! -Poshglam

Let’s end on a positive note with the moral center of the fucking universe: Jane Goodall. -YouBeauty

Ready-To-Click: Beauty Queens Can’t Catch A Break

Ready-To-Click: Beauty Queens Can't Catch A Break

Teenage beauty queen stripped of crown due to weight gain. -Styleite

Can you fake a little surgical help with good beauty products? -Refinery29

Power through the dog days of summer, beautifully. -YouBeauty

eBay is launching an online outlet mall. -The High Low

Bring your beauty from day to night in a few easy steps. -Birchbox

Mila Kunis was ladylike in dots. -Betty Confidential

The cool, eye-catching handbags of Wilbur & Gussie. -Poshglam

Lauren Conrad pairs a floral print with leather leggings. -The Budget Babe

Ready-To-Click: Your Brow First Aid Kit

Ready-To-Click: Your Brow First Aid Kit

An expert’s guide to everything you need for a perfect brow. -Birchbox

I absolutely love this loose, romantic side braid. -Refinery29

Michelle Trachtenberg (or “Dawn” as I like to call her) mixed stripes and leopard print. -The Budget Babe

Jersey Shore‘s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is now designing formal wear. Sigh. -Styleite

Bright, bold lipstick can be a loyal friend. -YouBeauty

eBay has discovered another way to make you buy stuff. -The High Low

Fragrances fit for summer. -Betty Confidential

Speaking of fragrance, Kelly Rowland snagged a campaign. -Poshglam

Ready-to-Click: How Quick Daily Coffee Runs May Be Aging You

Ready-to-Click: How Quick Daily Coffee Runs May Be Aging You

Not good news about what ruins your skin over time. -StyleList

Fergie is rolling out another fragrance. This time it has a nostalgic origin story. -Styleite

Buy Courtney Love’s stuff on eBay. Lots of Louboutins. -Racked

Alaskan men are donning heels to raise awareness for sexual assault against women. -Jezebel

Can you distinguish between Cosmo‘s real sex advice and absurd bullshit? -The Frisky

The first glimpse of Reese Witherspoon’s American Vogue cover. -Fashionista More »