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Ready-To-Click: Beauty Queens Can’t Catch A Break

Ready-To-Click: Beauty Queens Can't Catch A Break

Teenage beauty queen stripped of crown due to weight gain. -Styleite

Can you fake a little surgical help with good beauty products? -Refinery29

Power through the dog days of summer, beautifully. -YouBeauty

eBay is launching an online outlet mall. -The High Low

Bring your beauty from day to night in a few easy steps. -Birchbox

Mila Kunis was ladylike in dots. -Betty Confidential

The cool, eye-catching handbags of Wilbur & Gussie. -Poshglam

Lauren Conrad pairs a floral print with leather leggings. -The Budget Babe

Ready-To-Click: Your Brow First Aid Kit

Ready-To-Click: Your Brow First Aid Kit

An expert’s guide to everything you need for a perfect brow. -Birchbox

I absolutely love this loose, romantic side braid. -Refinery29

Michelle Trachtenberg (or “Dawn” as I like to call her) mixed stripes and leopard print. -The Budget Babe

Jersey Shore‘s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is now designing formal wear. Sigh. -Styleite

Bright, bold lipstick can be a loyal friend. -YouBeauty

eBay has discovered another way to make you buy stuff. -The High Low

Fragrances fit for summer. -Betty Confidential

Speaking of fragrance, Kelly Rowland snagged a campaign. -Poshglam

Ready-to-Click: How Quick Daily Coffee Runs May Be Aging You

Ready-to-Click: How Quick Daily Coffee Runs May Be Aging You

Not good news about what ruins your skin over time. -StyleList

Fergie is rolling out another fragrance. This time it has a nostalgic origin story. -Styleite

Buy Courtney Love’s stuff on eBay. Lots of Louboutins. -Racked

Alaskan men are donning heels to raise awareness for sexual assault against women. -Jezebel

Can you distinguish between Cosmo‘s real sex advice and absurd bullshit? -The Frisky

The first glimpse of Reese Witherspoon’s American Vogue cover. -Fashionista More »

The eBabes: 8 Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards That Make Us Feel Weird

The eBabes: 8 Vintage Valentine's Day Cards That Make Us Feel Weird

Valentine’s Day is coming up, which means Hallmarks the world over are laughing maniacally while stocking their shelves with millions of cheesy greeting cards. Rather than perpetuate the commercialization of good old V-day, we’d recommend going vintage with your card selection. But don’t just order any dusty, faded card from eBay and hope it will score you some cred with your vintage-loving lady — we found quite a few cards that send some mixed signals. Here’s the eight that gave us the heebiest jeebies. More »

The eBabes’ Holiday Gift Guide

The eBabes' Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season often means one thing to people like the eBabes: Debt. And togetherness and family and stuff like that, but mostly we’re just poor as shit when Christmas rolls around. We blame our extreme generosity for our lack of funds this time of year, but thankfully discount deals on eBay exists to soften the blows of our negative bank account balances. Check out our holiday gift guide for all of the greedy bastards on your list. More »