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The eBabes: 8 Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards That Make Us Feel Weird

The eBabes: 8 Vintage Valentine's Day Cards That Make Us Feel Weird

Valentine’s Day is coming up, which means Hallmarks the world over are laughing maniacally while stocking their shelves with millions of cheesy greeting cards. Rather than perpetuate the commercialization of good old V-day, we’d recommend going vintage with your card selection. But don’t just order any dusty, faded card from eBay and hope it will score you some cred with your vintage-loving lady — we found quite a few cards that send some mixed signals. Here’s the eight that gave us the heebiest jeebies. More »

The eBabes’ Holiday Gift Guide

The eBabes' Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season often means one thing to people like the eBabes: Debt. And togetherness and family and stuff like that, but mostly we’re just poor as shit when Christmas rolls around. We blame our extreme generosity for our lack of funds this time of year, but thankfully discount deals on eBay exists to soften the blows of our negative bank account balances. Check out our holiday gift guide for all of the greedy bastards on your list. More »

Would You Watch a Sylvester Stallone Porn?

Would You Watch a Sylvester Stallone Porn?

Back before Sly Stallone was Rocky or Rambo, he was just another struggling actor. And like many wannabe actors, he did a softcore porn movie. The Party at Kitty and Stud’s (now renamed Italian Stallion thanks to Stallone’s subsequent fame) is certainly not a porno by modern standards. The 1970 movie features Stallone playing “Stud, an oafish alpha male who invites a number of strangers to the apartment he shares with girlfriend Kitty for a sex party.” However, Stallone once told Playboy that “about 10 people show up [to the party] and they do a lot of kissing and necking, and that’s about it.” More »

The eBabes’ Guide to Winter Coats

The eBabes' Guide to Winter Coats

As the last of our jorts and bikinis are safely put away in storage for the season, it’s time to think about coats. Not only that, it’s time to think about finding the coat no one else has. Don’t think a thousand other women in the city haven’t considered that black J.Crew trench, or the H&M pea coat with anchors on the buttons. They can keep their dime-a-dozen outerwear (and possible bedbugs) — we’d much rather dust off our Paypal accounts and find something unique on eBay. And so, we present some of the best coats for this season, courtesy of our favorite online marketplace. More »

Scams and Steals: How to Buy Clothes On eBay

Scams and Steals: How to Buy Clothes On eBay

Normally, I’m the one who assigns stories around here. But I suppose there’s a first time for everything.

I have what might politely be called an eBay “habit.” Shopping in crowded New York stores makes me anxious, so I end up buying almost everything online. At this point, I’d say at least 75 percent of my wardrobe – maybe more – has been purchased online, and most of that 75 percent from eBay. Yesterday, after boasting about my latest great eBay find, some of my coworkers – Ashley, Jennifer, and Drew from Crushable – asked if I’d school them in the ways of the eBay. It surprised me that other women about my age – particularly ones who love fashion – hadn’t ventured into the exciting world of online shopping, but I figured a story assignment is a story assignment.

So let’s do this. More »

eBay Loves Leather (But Not In an S&M Kind of Way)

eBay Loves Leather (But Not In an S&M Kind of Way)

When fall comes around, we’re excited for one thing in particular (among many): leather. We’re ready to whip out our leather coat, lace up our leather boots, and wear our tiny leather biker hats (kidding … kind of). And one great thing about leather? It usually improves with age. It gets less stiff, more comfortable, and way cooler looking as the years go on. So, we found 7 awesome leather items that should be on your eBay watch list this fall. More »