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Party Favors: Let’s Learn Some Life Skills

Party Favors: Let's Learn Some Life Skills

Dear college students: how to hard boil eggs in a microwave. -The Hairpin

Do bossy women have less sex? -DoubleX

Actors-turned-musician that don’t (mostly?) suck. -Betty Confidential

But April is the cruelest month! Autumn can ruin your marriage, though. Probably. -YourTango

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Gwyneth Paltrow wore a juicy orange to the Coach party. -Poshglam

Party Favors: Concerning Michele Bachmann’s Newsweek Cover

Party Favors: Concerning Michele Bachmann's Newsweek Cover

Is Michele Bachmann‘s Newsweek cover sexist? -DoubleX

9 excerpts from this month’s Vogue, without commentary. -The Hairpin

You can make scrambled eggs inside the shell?! -The Frisky

A lot of married couples kiss less than once a week. -YourTango

Concerning “the friend zone.” -College Candy

Aren’t fire escape gardens illegal? -ShelterPop

Teenage beauty queen stripped of crown due to weight gain. -Styleite

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eBay is launching an online outlet mall. -The High Low

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Party Favors: Concerning Pornography

Party Favors: Concerning Pornography

Are dudes honest about their porn usage? -The Frisky

If you want to outlaw prostitution… -DoubleX

Is your boyfriend a narcissist? -YourTango

Minimize your cleaning supplies. -ShelterPop

Bacon-wrapped eggs but also kind of cupcakes. -The Hairpin

Although the phrase “white jeans” rings fear in our hearts, it can be done. -The Budget Babe

Sensitive to oily to dry to acne: skin types, decoded. -YouBeauty

6 essential beauty products the professionals really use. -Refinery29

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Christian Dior promises not to manufacture red-soled shoes. -Styleite

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How Forever 21 keeps getting away with knocking off designers. -Jezebel

Balenciaga‘s new presence. -The High Low