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10 Cute And Affordable Items From Eva Mendes’ Vintage-y Fashion Line

10 Cute And Affordable Items From Eva Mendes' Vintage-y Fashion Line

Actress Eva Mendes launched a clothing line with the brand New York and Company today, and there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that it’s nothing exciting. The good news is that that might mean you can actually wear it, as you don’t generally want to look “exciting” when you go to work. As much as I love, say, Nicki Minaj‘s very Nicki-ish line for Kmart, a spandex crop top with matching leggings is not exactly appropriate for most people to wear out of the house. So I’m not mad at these clothes for being regular. They’re pretty affordable, too, and a lot of them are cute in that “generically vintage inspired” way that flatters most body types. Hence, I give you: 10 cute and affordable items from Eva Mendes’ New York and Company line. More »