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17 Celebrities Who Can Actually Behave Maturely Toward Their Exes

17 Celebrities Who Can Actually Behave Maturely Toward Their Exes

Valentine’s Day is coming up this Friday, so it’s time to talk about love. Specifically love that doesn’t exist anymore. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but sometimes life isn’t all Hershey’s kisses and jewelry from Jared. Sometimes couples break up. That includes celebrity couples. The great thing about them is that we get to witness how they behave to each other after they’ve split. There are two roads celebrities can take with their exes: the high road or the road that leads them to acting like immature babies. More »

I Dated My Best Friend’s Ex-Boyfriend & Now She Hates Me

I Dated My Best Friendâs Ex-Boyfriend & Now She Hates Me

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Dear Heather,

I need advice about my old best friend. Last year, I went through a really bad breakup and my best friend at the time was there to support me. Even though she was amazing, I did the wrong thing. Out of loneliness, I turned to my male friend (who also happened to be her ex) and we became friends with benefits and sort of dated. But after a little bit, I realized I was being stupid and put a stop to it. I also told my best friend the truth out of guilt. She was extremely hurt, but after a couple of months, things seemed more normal… until he told me he really liked me and she found out. More »