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Ready-To-Click: Model Maker Monday

Ready-To-Click: Model Maker Monday

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Ready-To-Click: Scrub Your Mug With Sugar & Oatmeal

Ready-To-Click: Scrub Your Mug With Sugar & Oatmeal

DIY scrubs will never not be a good way to spend a lazy weekend afternoon. -College Candy

Do you know how to wear hats? If no, here is a video tutorial. -Birchbox

Here’s a whole lot of motorcycle boots! -Betty Confidential

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Male Grooming Is A Turn-Off?

Male Grooming Is A Turn-Off?

According to TheStir:

Men are not supposed to look better than us, so when they primp and moisturize and wax and blow their hair out more than we do, it can be a massive turn-off…. An anonymous male friend who was in the navy said he was once stationed on a ship with a guy “who used more moisturizing hand lotion than a professional hand model.” Not. Cool. Dude. Certain routines are just in the ladies only domain. Sorry boys. More »