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Video: Chloe Sevigny’s Impersonator Loves Spring For Rodarte, Persimmons

Video: Chloe Sevigny's Impersonator Loves Spring For Rodarte, Persimmons

Thanks to appreciators of last week’s Friday Style Icon, the latest video of Chloe Sevigny’s impersonator Drew Droege ended up many times over in my inbox: the half ridiculous, half weirdly astute mimic has filed a video on what Ms. Sevigny loves about Spring: “Spring cleaning… lady.” “Rusted razor belts” from the Rodarte collection. “The return of the persimmon.” “[Curling] up with Camus.” Look out for some heinous rompers and that great over-emphasized speech pattern*. We’re over-WUH-HELM-ed by it. More »

Gallery: TV’s Best Fictional Workplaces

Gallery: TV's Best Fictional Workplaces

Why does everything always look more glamorous on TV? High school, high school parties, college, college parties… your actual experience of these things was probably way less pretty than on TV. Another thing that looks way better on TV: the workplace. Why do workplaces on TV have attractive, witty people when your workplace doesn’t? Here are our picks of the best fictional workplaces on television. More »