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10 Of Justin Bieber’s Worst Looks From 2013

10 Of Justin Bieber's Worst Looks From 2013

Justin Bieber‘s never met a dropped crotch he doesn’t love. He can’t resist the airy feeling around his unmentionables that a dropped crotch provides, and clearly feels very encumbered by snug fitting pants. This can only mean great things for his sperm count, since underpants that are too tight warm the testicles and adversely effect sperm count and mobility. So at the very least, Bieber is killing it on a sperm count level. More »

7 Red Carpet Fashion Disasters Involving Neon

7 Red Carpet Fashion Disasters Involving Neon

Earlier this week, we admitted that we didn’t despise neon as much as we once did–because its popularity has petered out in a big since its peak ubiquity in 2012.

…But, while searching for examples of successful neon looks–many of which we found!–we also came across all the ones that made us fear and loath it in the first place. Fergie, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Ke$ha and more ahead. More »