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Blogger Responds To Abercrombie CEO’s Body Shaming With ‘Fat Abercrombie Ads’

Blogger Responds To Abercrombie CEO's Body Shaming With 'Fat Abercrombie Ads'

A little while ago, Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Clayface Mike Jeffries made some really awful comments about why his fratty Americana mall clothes don’t come in larger sizes. A recent article (focusing on the brand’s desire for thin, popular customers) brought the comments back around and a new outcry surged on the internet, especially from the fat acceptance community. One blogger, Jes at The Militant Baker, decided to write an open letter to Jeffries.

…Even better, she did a photoshoot to accompany that letter, imagining ‘fat Abercrombie ads’ that reflect positive body image. More »