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I’m Giving Up Feminists For Lent

I'm Giving Up Feminists For Lent

In the 90s, I was a feminist dabbler. Much like I watched The Craft and “dabbled” in witchcraft because Fairuza Balk looked wicked. I didn’t “call the corners,” but the message was received: I liked loud, smart, messy women who stood for things. My feminist heroine was actually on heroin and my teachers were concerned enough about myCourtney Love obsession to call my mother — a lost cause if there ever was one. More »

Don’t Tell Me What To Do: Diets Are For Feminists Too

Donât Tell Me What To Do: Diets Are For Feminists Too

Just last week, someone on Facebook accused me of perpetuating anti-feminist body hatred simply because I acknowledged that people diet with this post. It was very a frustrating charge to stomach because I don’t think it’s misogynistic to talk about dieting. It’s something that people do whether or not we talk about it and it’s counterproductive to give other women a hard time about their choices concerning their individual bodies. More »

Let’s Win The War On Men!

Let's Win The War On Men!

Today, FOX News filed a rather grave announcement that 1) there’s a war on men, 2) women are losing that war. The reasons for our loss are manifold, but mostly it’s because we’re angry and defensive and have jobs, and feminism has taught us to think of men as the enemy (we share your bewilderment that the term feminazi was not once employed). Ahead, editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff parse out the intricacies of this exciting new battle and determine what’s at stake (besides pretty dresses). More »

If You’re a Feminist and/or Like Making Fun of Feminists, Click Here

If You're a Feminist and/or Like Making Fun of Feminists, Click Here

Vag Mag, a new web comedy series, is doing what you love — making fun of female magazines, feminism, hipsters and just really weird girl stuff in general (a re-usable pad being sold on Etsy, for example). The series revolves around a group of women, mostly all feminists, who create the fictional hipster-feminist magazine, Vag Magazine, with their Etsy shop earnings. In addition to teasing girly-girl Meghan who just don’t understand that a sailor skirt is a feminist skirt, the characters are all hilarious depictions of stereotypical hipster feminists. Watch the trailers for Vag Mag below and see for yourself. More »