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Party Favors: Powers Combine

Party Favors: Powers Combine

A Captain Planet movie?! -The Frisky

The pill can help prevent HIV infection? -YourTango

Concerning the stigmatization of STDs. -College Candy

Ridiculous home-related fights we’ve had. -ShelterPop

Today in Hollywood sex panics. -DoubleX

Do you know about butter tarts? -The Hairpin

The 10 best Twitter feeds in the fashion industry. -The High Low

Apparently Alexander Wang only eats extremely delicious foods. -Styleite

Ignore the Kardashian sticking out of it: that ivory blazer is pretty and summer perfect. -The Budget Babe

Public service announcement: how to wash your face. -YouBeauty

A checklist for getting bikini-ready (without having to hit the gym). -Birchbox

…Or you could exercise! …For your body type! -Betty Confidential

Party Favors: Sex Advice from Frylock

Party Favors: Sex Advice from Frylock

Meatwad, Frylock, and Master Shake (that’d be Aqua Teen Hunger Force to you) have some sex tips. Write this shit down. – Nerve

The night of the year you’re most likely to have a one night stand? New Year’s Eve, not surprisingly. – Lemondrop

Here are photos of celebrity women like Snooki and Katy Perry showing off their DSLs. That doesn’t mean their high-speed internet connections. – The Frisky

Ready for Kinect sex? Well, it may not be ready for you. – Consumerist

Air New Zealand’s billboards reading “Fares lower than your grandma’s boobs” have been taken down following complaints. – More »

If You Want to Burn Your Ex’s Pictures, Try Not to Get Charged With Arson

If You Want to Burn Your Ex's Pictures, Try Not to Get Charged With Arson

Hey, we’ve all been there: you want to torch everything that reminds you of your ex. But if you’ve decided to take a match to his photographs, you should try to avoid burning down your entire apartment building. Jonathan Sanchez Jimenez of Hollywood, Florida, was charged with arson and aggravated assault for burning pictures of his girlfriend in the apartment they shared. More »