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10 Don’ts For Blind Dates: Advice Based On (Unpleasant) Experience

10 Don'ts For Blind Dates: Advice Based On (Unpleasant) Experience

I have been on a lot of first dates in my life, many of which were with people I had not yet met prior. Whether it was with people I had met through the Internet or through friends, I have experienced several instances of a romantic (or, at least, a semi-romantic) situation that went awry because the person lacked blind date etiquette. Much of this can be avoided with normal dating rules, but when it comes to hanging out with someone you’ve never met in-person, or perhaps never even seen an image of, there are specific frustrations that can arise.

Let me tell you about what happened last week… More »

The Pros & (Very Obnoxious) Cons Of Wearing Red Lipstick On A First Date

The Pros & (Very Obnoxious) Cons Of Wearing Red Lipstick On A First Date

Like thousands upon thousands of other people, I have been wearing Ruby Woo by MAC for several years. I have worn it to parties, to school, to work, to interviews, to sets, to the gym (yes, I am one of those people who wears makeup to the gym, and I know — blah blah what’s the point blah blah).

I love wearing red lipstick out, but I have always been somewhat cautious of doing so when out with somebody. You know, romantically. Red lipstick on a first date feels weird. More »

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