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Party Favors: The Most Depressing Flirting Quiz Ever

Party Favors: The Most Depressing Flirting Quiz Ever

Want a fling? Sure, pick a pretty boy. Want a life partner? Pick a nerd. – Lemondrop

How much would you pay for the sweater worn by a girl who had sex with Ashton Kutcher? Apparently some people on eBay would pay thousands. – Betty Confidential

Feel good about the way you flirt? You won’t after taking this quiz. – HowAboutWe

Can good dental hygiene lead to a good love life? Yes, and not only if you’re Emma from Glee. – YourTango

The holidays are the time of year for family, togetherness, Yule logs … and breaking up. – Crushable More »

Party Favors: The Best Pickup Line Ever

Party Favors: The Best Pickup Line Ever

Why one woman says that living with Mom and Dad actually improved her marriage. – YourTango

What should you do when you’re in love with two men? Surprisingly, “force them to joust to the death to win your heart” is not on the list. – Betty Confidential

If your Christmas just isn’t sexy enough, might we suggest adding “The 7 Cup Sizes of Christmas”? – The Stir

And the most foolproof pickup line in the whole world is …. – Lemondrop

Forget about a man for all seasons. Right now you need a winter boyfriend, who will cuddle with you for warmth and stay home watching movies rather than venturing outside. – Marie Claire More »

Party Favors: Christians Can Flirt, Too

Party Favors: Christians Can Flirt, Too

The Oscars don’t have a Best Sex Scene category, but here’s who would get nominated if they did. – The Frisky

The website is helping kids from Christian colleges flirt online. – Christianity Today

Not only is sex fun, it’s also good for you! Looks like your high school boyfriend wasn’t lying when he said that giving blowjobs would make you healthier. – YourTango

What should you do if you have sex with your friend’s husband? It’s a shame that there isn’t an Undo button for life. – Betty Confidential

You shouldn’t use the holidays as an excuse to stay in a bad relationship. – Blisstree More »

Party Favors: In Love, There Are No Do-Overs

Party Favors: In Love, There Are No Do-Overs

A Montreal middle school teacher has been fired after giving students a multiple-choice exam that involved questions about penis sizes and anal sex. Mon dieu!Gawker

Should you ever re-date an old love and other questions about “love do-overs.” – Lemondrop

Men in Uganda are being encouraged to take a “sex strike” as a way to enact political change. This will finally answer the question “Would Lysistrata work for dudes?” – Creative Loafing

How to flirt like a nerd. – The Frisky

What makes birds gay? Your dad might say it’s just a sinful choice, but scientists say it’s the amount of mercury in the air. Well, considering Mercury wore those gay winged shoes, it’s no wonder. – MSNBC

Amish-themed romance novels are becoming more popular. But it won’t count until one of them gets turned into a Lifetime movie. – Newsweek More »

5 Things That Matter About Your Friends’ Partners

5 Things That Matter About Your Friends' Partners

Sometimes I think that the most entertaining reading out there is websites and magazines for men with advice about women.

Today’s stupid topic of the day comes to us courtesy of, a favorite among websites that try to pass the paranoid delusional fears of men off as fact. This time, it’s a list of what women notice about our friends’ boyfriends (I’m turning this into “partners,” because the requirements are pretty much the same whether you get down with women or men or both). And to their credit, their list isn’t way off: they include things like your manners, and how big of a flirt you are. More »

The Way You Flirt Is the Way You Love

The Way You Flirt Is the Way You Love

Think flirting is all fun and games? A new study suggests there’s much more to it than that.

Research from the University of Kansas found that a person’s flirting style can predict success in the romance department.

“Knowing something about the way you communicate attraction says something about challenges you might have had in your past dating life,” lead author Jeffrey Hall, an assistant professor in communication studies, told Reuters. “Hopefully, this awareness can help people avoid those mistakes and succeed in courtship.” More »

Video: American Women are Lazy Daters

Video: American Women are Lazy Daters

An online dating site, Badoo, recently published a survey that found American women are the second worst daters in the world. To confirm these findings, The Alyona Show surveyed random people on the street and found that some women simply find it easier for the guys to approach them. Dating’s scary, man. Flirting with people you don’t know is torture. But I guess that makes you a bad flirter and not just a scared-to-flirt flirter. The Gloss’s editor-in-chief, Lilit Marcus, was featured on the show and broke down the difference between bad at flirting and just not willing to flirt. More »

Party Favors: The King of Sweden Enjoys ‘Wild Sex Parties’

Party Favors: The King of Sweden Enjoys 'Wild Sex Parties'

A new biography of King Carl Gustaf of Sweden exposes his participation in sex parties and strip clubs often hosted by Mafia bosses. – Daily Mail

A lady fakes being pregnant for 40 months to get $10,000. And the officials are just catching her now? – Dumb as a Blog

Five mistakes men make in bed. Really? Only five? – YourTango

Why it may seem like these 10 places are unsuitable for flirting, they actually might be the best. – Lemondrop More »

Party Favors: Apparently, Flirting At A Funeral Is Frowned Upon

Party Favors: Apparently, Flirting At A Funeral Is Frowned Upon

Forward this to your boyfriend: here are 4 male habits that seriously annoy women. – Marie Claire

Do you think it’s wrong to take off your wedding ring on an all-girls vacation? – YourTango

Which flirting style are you? – Lemondrop

Patti Stanger says her millionaire men don’t like curly-haired women. Are you one of the afflicted? – Allure’s Daily Beauty Reporter

Here are the top 10 most inappropriate places to flirt. If you were planning to meet someone at a parent-teacher conference, think again. – The Frisky More »

Poll: How Do You Feel About Cat-Calls?

Poll: How Do You Feel About Cat-Calls?

Cat-calls seem to be an inherent part of living and working in any major city. Jennifer wrote an article a little while back about the way she feels about cat-calls. Now, Allure’s Daily Beauty Reporter has just posted an article on the subject, reporting that an anti-street harassment group, Hollaback, recently attended a New York city council meeting, urging “council members to consider creating “no-harassment” zones—where it would be illegal to cat-call women and girls— near city schools.” No decision has been reached yet; the council promised to look into it, but also noted that “legislation could violate First Amendment rights.” More »