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5 Reasons Why You Should Skip the Whole New Year’s Resolution Thing

5 Reasons Why You Should Skip the Whole New Year's Resolution Thing

The concept of making New Year’s resolutions goes as far as 153 BC with the mythical king of Rome, Janus. Janus, having two faces (not unlike most people I know), was able to reflect on the past year as well as foresee the upcoming future, and in doing so became the symbol of resolutions. It was the beginning of the New Year that Romans sought forgiveness from their enemies, exchanged gifts and also perceived the New Year as a fresh start and a clean slate of sorts. I, however, have never bought into the whole New Year’s resolution thing… as of January 1st you just get a free “do-over?” Sounds like something invented by Weight Watchers and not the Romans, if you ask me. So here’s an idea: fuck the New Year’s resolutions, you know you’re not going to stick to it anyway. Instead, use these five reasons as your excuses as to why you’re not doing that whole resolution thing… your friends will marvel at your wisdom. More »

The Top 5 Foods You Don’t Want Your Fella to Consume Before You Give Him Oral

The Top 5 Foods You Don't Want Your Fella to Consume Before You Give Him Oral

Not too long ago I was performing the act of fellatio or, less eloquently, I was giving head. I had given oral to this particular person several times, and there had never been a problem. However, during this one particular incident there was a mild issue: his cum. Yes, his cum, his man juice, semen, ejaculation, whatever one wants to call it was absolutely foul and rancid. I was shocked; this had never ever been an issue. To quote Samantha from Sex and the City, “it’s never been a trip to Baskin Robbins,” but this particular, er, flavor was one for the record books. Having the type of relationship I have with this person, one of open communication and any chance to ridicule each other, I told him. When I did, a realization was made: asparagus. More »

Exclusive: Alyssa Milano Says the Wedding Dress Cliche Is Real

Exclusive: Alyssa Milano Says the Wedding Dress Cliche Is Real

Alyssa Milano is starring in a new Lifetime movie called Sundays at Tiffany’s. The story is about a Manhattan woman named Jane (Milano) who is about to marry a popular TV actor named Hugh. However, she’s having second thoughts about whether Hugh is her dream man, and the invisible friend she had as a kid suddenly reappears in her life as a real – and hot – dude. Yes, you read that correctly: her invisible friend shows up as a real person. And then – spoiler alert! – they make out.

Implausible storyline aside, Milano is more than capable in the part, and she spoke to The Gloss about the movie, her wedding dress, and her personal style icon. More »

Jennifer Grey Breaks Out the Watermelon for ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Finale

Jennifer Grey Breaks Out the Watermelon for 'Dancing with the Stars' Finale

When this season of Dancing with the Stars kicked out, I had a list of things I really wanted to see happen. One of them kind of did – while Bristol Palin and The Situation haven’t hooked up (yet), they did make an abstinence PSA together – but last night, something magical occurred. Jennifer Grey carried out a watermelon on stage with her at the beginning of her freestyle dance.

Let me repeat that for you.


Party Favors: Men Fake It Too

Party Favors: Men Fake It Too

Twenty-five percent of men surveyed admitted to faking orgasms to avoid awkwardness. – Mother Nature Network

Eleven percent of Brits admit to sleeping with someone they met on Facebook. – Daily Mail

Snooki’s birthday party this weekend is being sponsored by a condom company. – Vancouver Sun

Another reason not to take nude photos of yourself. – Nerve

If you have food allergies, kissing can be fatal. Or just really unenjoyable. – Shine

If you like to kiss girls for fun and you’re straight, you’re risking your relationship with your boyfriend. – YourTango More »