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Let’s Win The War On Men!

Let's Win The War On Men!

Today, FOX News filed a rather grave announcement that 1) there’s a war on men, 2) women are losing that war. The reasons for our loss are manifold, but mostly it’s because we’re angry and defensive and have jobs, and feminism has taught us to think of men as the enemy (we share your bewilderment that the term feminazi was not once employed). Ahead, editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff parse out the intricacies of this exciting new battle and determine what’s at stake (besides pretty dresses). More »

Gallery: Fox News Commentator’s Un-Funny Lesbian Joke Inspires Funny Twitter Trending Topic

Gallery: Fox News Commentator's Un-Funny Lesbian Joke Inspires Funny Twitter Trending Topic

As you may know, whoreface harlot Sandra Fluke somehow slutted her way into a marriage proposal from her longtime boyfriend today. (Congrats, kids!) Perhaps enraged that Fluke was not punished for her premarital sex having ways with eternal loneliness, Fox News slut Monica Crowley made what she thought was a funny joke at Fluke’s expense by tweeting: “To a man? ‘Sandra Fluke Announces Engagement’” More »