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Friday Style Icon: Peg & Kelly Bundy Of Married…With Children

Friday Style Icon: Peg & Kelly Bundy Of Married...With Children

Married…With Children was a cool show because it aimed for ugly authenticity in a time of sitcoms about child geniuses and togetherness and bullshit. Married… With Children was all about oppressive workdays and jello salad and chainsmoking and not being sexually attracted to your spouse anymore and being an embittered shell of a person (and belly tops!). I watched the hell out of this show growing up (because it came on before or after The Simpsons) and it was great. Peg and Kelly’s outsized, tacky style both lend themselves to excellent Halloween costumes, too, so here we go! More »

Shopping Guide: The “New” Hi-Low Hemmed Dress

Shopping Guide: The "New" Hi-Low Hemmed Dress

Hi(gh)-low hemmed dresses–or mullet dresses as they are sometimes called–are usually associated with the obnoxious wedding dresses and prom gowns of the ’80s. But designers have now deconstructed the image of these bi-level beauties. They’ve added grungy, edgy touches for a more modern feel. The hi-low dress is the Billy Ray Cyrus of the fashion world, in the best way possible. More »

Shopping Guide: How To Wear A Sundress At Any Age

Shopping Guide: How To Wear A Sundress At Any Age

The simple sundress has been a staple in summer wardrobes for years, but many women (of all ages) seem to have trouble finding ones that flatter the shape of their body over time. That balance (of an everyday essential and something that flatters different ages) is hard to maintain in many pieces, but here are a few sundresses–ranging from the graphic and eye-catching for teens to the sophisticated and lovely 50s–to help you beat the heat (and look fantastic while doing so) for any age.
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Gallery: Free People’s Vegan Leather Lookbook

Gallery: Free People's Vegan Leather Lookbook

There’s this weird dichotomy that comes with being a vegan who’s into punk rock. On the one hand, you just want to SMASH EVERYTHING. On the other, your heart melts into nothing whenever you see a small, furry animal. Earth Crisis fans have been living this paradox for years. Now, fans of fauxhemian fast fashion can, too (sort of) with Free People’s line of fake leather clothing, for which they just released a lookbook featuring their own employees. No animals were harmed in the making of these items, and, as an added bonus, they are cheaper than real leather. Win-win. But do these clothes look as cool as real leather? You be the judge. More »