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Friday Style Icon: Uma Thurman As Mia Wallace In Pulp Fiction

Friday Style Icon: Uma Thurman As Mia Wallace In Pulp Fiction

Mrs. Mia Wallace. Played by Uma Thurman, Mia is the wife of fearsome gangster Marsellus Wallace and one of the most iconic characters in the pretty consistently iconic 1994 classic, Pulp Fiction. The failed former actress (Fox Force Five) who loves cheeseburgers, pricey milkshakes and thought experiments (everyone, she claims in a cut scene, can be reduced to a Beatles man or an Elvis man) in kitschy settings gets Vincent Vega in a lot of trouble when she accidentally overdoses in his care. She also loves Urge Overkill and air guitar. She can twist really well, too. Here’s our salute to the fashion minimalism of Mia Wallace. More »

July 4th Friday Style Icon: Charlie Blackwood From Top Gun

July 4th Friday Style Icon: Charlie Blackwood From Top Gun

We were really struggling to come up with a great 4th of July-inspired Friday Style Icon: there were obvious options (various first ladies, Wonder Woman), there were ridiculous options (Jessica Simpson in Major Movie Star), and then the solution occurred to me during my afternoon viewing of the Top Gun volleyball scene (I watch it thrice daily): Charlotte “Charlie” Blackwood. The tough astrophysicist is inexplicably immune to rowdy acapella versions of Righteous Brothers songs but ultimately has a weakness for short, recalcitrant pilots (who are dangerous). Anyway, happy 4th of July and here’s our salute to Charlie, with all her back-seam stockings and retro pencil skirts. More »

Friday Style Icon: Brigitte Bardot’s Sultry French Style in Contempt

Friday Style Icon: Brigitte Bardot's Sultry French Style in Contempt

Jean-Luc Godard’s Contempt is the story of a husband and wife’s gradual estrangement set against the struggle to adapt Homer’s Odyssey into a film…. and it stars a scorching hot Brigitte Bardot. Her character Camille is outfitted in all kinds of great French ’60s looks from shift dresses to sailor stripes. So, for this week’s Friday Style Icon, we’ll try and recreate the iconic look of Brigitte Bardot in Contempt. More »

Friday Style Icon: Tilda Swinton’s Greatest Red Carpet Looks

Friday Style Icon: Tilda Swinton's Greatest Red Carpet Looks

I should really title this “some of Tilda Swinton’s Greatest Red Carpet Looks” because there’s only 15 slides here and in my opinion few women come anywhere near her fashion prowess. While most actresses rely heavily on romantic, pretty dresses by Marchesa or Elie Saab, Swinton’s fallbacks are Haider Ackermann, Jil Sander and Lanvin. She may get blasted by idiotic red carpet correspondents (who themselves dress like overgrown princesses suffocating under 4 lbs. of makeup), but it doesn’t matter at all: the only thing Swinton has more of than style is… talent. Let’s spend a few minutes appreciating this original. More »

Friday Style Icon: ’90s Gwen Stefani

Friday Style Icon: '90s Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani’s outfits are admirably consistent, in that she always looks like herself. Thus, it’s hard to criticize even her weaker choices, because they still look like genuine reflections of her style. These days, she’s more into couture than belly shirts, but I still love ’90s Gwen. Here’s a few looks from the trio of No Doubt videos that made Tragic Kingdom so huge, “Just a Girl,” “Spiderwebs,” and “Don’t Speak.” More »

Friday Style Icon: Judy Funnie From ‘Doug’

Friday Style Icon: Judy Funnie From 'Doug'

Judith Anastasia Funnie–or “Judy”–was Doug Funnie’s older sister. Judy was an occasionally pretentious straight-A student at the Moody School For the Gifted (thanks to her talents in the arts) and a wannabe actress obsessed with William Shakespeare. She also had her own personal style on lockdown and, at the end of the day, was a reliable older sister who always took Doug’s side. Also, jazzy theme music. Thanks to her ever-present beret and memorable beatnik looks, Judy Funnie is today’s Friday Style Icon. More »

Friday Style Icon: Samantha Parkington, American Girl Doll

Friday Style Icon: Samantha Parkington, American Girl Doll

We have American Girl dolls on the brain lately. If you were lucky enough as a kid to get stupidly expensive dolls, you were probably given the one with hair corresponding to your own. I was blonde so I got Kirsten Larson, whose life as a Swedish immigrant in harsh rurual Minnesota was kind of a bummer. I figured it would cheer her up if she knew how to skateboard and an afternoon of lessons resulted in her disfigurement, which goes to show you should never help anyone ever. Anyway, even if we had Felicity or Molly or whatever, we all knew rich girl Samantha had the best clothes. Here’s to Samantha. More »