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Tattooing a Person’s Face On Your Body Is a Bad Idea

Tattooing a Person's Face On Your Body Is a Bad Idea

Dear Amber Portwood,

I think we’ve established that I think you suck. In fact, a lot of people think you suck. And recently you lost custody of your daughter, Leah, which is really the best thing that could have happened to that kid since you seemed to be allergic to cleaning your house, taking care of your kid, or not hitting your baby daddy. However, now that CPS has gotten involved you have to look like you’re invested in being a good parent in order to get Leah back. Some people might decide to take a parenting class or go to anger-management therapy. You, however, chose to get a giant tattoo of your kid’s face on your stomach. More »

Dr. Drew, You and I Are So Over

Dr. Drew, You and I Are So Over

For a long time, I was a big Dr. Drew fan. I watched Loveline and learned quite a bit about sexuality from his careful, openminded explanations. But the more famous Dr. Drew got, the more uneasy I felt. On Celebrity Rehab, he skirted the line of appropriateness several times, whether it was agreeing to televise therapy sessions (yes, they do have educational value, but they felt invasive), letting rehab patients get away with behavior that would have gotten them kicked out of any other facility (sneaking in guests, doing drugs, getting in fights), and barely concealing his crush on model Amber Smith. During the seasons of Celebrity Rehab and its sibling show Sex Rehab, I still managed to convince myself that Dr. Drew was still a good, well-intentioned guy despite all the ridiculousness. But it’s over. In the words of Sammi from Jersey Shore, I’m done. The final nail in the coffin? The Teen Mom season two finale special, which aired on Tuesday night. More »

‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Is Hated In Her Hometown

'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Is Hated In Her Hometown

It’s not just the entire viewing audience of MTV’s Teen Mom who hates Amber Portwood – an op-ed in her hometown newspaper makes it sound like the people who actually have to live with her aren’t terribly happy about it.

The Anderson Bulletin, the local newspaper for Anderson, Indiana, ran an editorial last week by a hometown resident who is none too pleased about Anderson’s most infamous resident and how she makes their community appear on television. Amber – who is never mentioned by name in the piece – is correctly vilified for abusing her on-again off-again fiance Gary (and the father of her child) on national television. But the anonymous author doesn’t just hate Amber – he or she is angry with MTV’s content as well. More »

Amber’s Date from ‘Teen Mom’ Is A Sex Offender

Amber's Date from 'Teen Mom' Is A Sex Offender

On last week’s episode of Teen Mom, Amber went out on a date with a guy she’d met at Wal-Mart. The guy seemed pretty shady even before he admitted that he was on a work-release program from prison. When Amber told him that she had a kid, he said that was “great.” Amber, who doesn’t seem to have the sense God gave a mule (copyright: my grandmother), seemed pretty put off by his comment, and with good reason. I’m not saying that men who like children are all pedos, but the combination of his smarminess, saying he loved kids, and being a convicted felon certainly set off some alarm bells for me. And it turns out those instincts were right: Christopher Glen Hossman, aka Amber’s Date, is a convicted child molester. More »