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The Misanthropologist: Imagining Christine O’Donnell’s Halloween

The Misanthropologist: Imagining Christine O'Donnell's Halloween

This week’s Misanthropologist is all a product of my imagination because 1) I have a gallery prepared for you and 2) look, galleries take a lot of time and energy, and sitting upright is kind of a hassle when there’s all this decaying Halloween candy I found on dashboards of unlocked cars parked outside the Y (they go awesome with dumpster jello shots) (shut up). So I was thinking I should probably comment on this whole Christine O’Donnell brouhaha, only I have no clue what happened. These are the facts I know More »

Do We Really Need To Slut Shame Christine O’Donnell?

Do We Really Need To Slut Shame Christine O'Donnell?

I’m not a fan of Christine O’Donnell. Because she’s a witch! No, because I think she’s an odd lady who lies a lot, and not particularly well. But I really do believe that every woman in America – in the world – should have the right to dress up in a lady-bug suit, get drunk and make out with douchebags if she feels like it.

Well, ideally, not douchebags. Because I guess if you do make out with total douchebags, years later, they’ll remember, and sell the story of your hook-up to Gawker. And it will contain gems like this: More »