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Here’s The Gender-Swapping ‘Blurred Lines’ Parody Deemed ‘Too Hot For Youtube’

Here's The Gender-Swapping 'Blurred Lines' Parody Deemed 'Too Hot For Youtube'

If you, like me, watched the video for Robin Thicke‘s vaguely rapey adult contemporary hit “Blurred Lines” and found it a pathetic attempt at masking real misogyny with a thin veneer of “ironic misogyny,” you’ll be happy to know that a group of female law students in Auckland, New Zealand made a feminist parody that hits it where it hurts More »

Dustin Hoffman Explaining His ‘Epiphany’ About Female Beauty Is A Lovely Way To Start The Day

Dustin Hoffman Explaining His âEpiphanyâ About Female Beauty Is A Lovely Way To Start The Day

If you’re in the mood this morning to have you faith in men and celebrities and humanity and everything in general restored, have I got the video for you! An AFI interview has been making the rounds online that features Dustin Hoffman discussing one of his most well-known films, Tootsie, in which he plays an actor who disguises himself as a woman to get a role. Typically people think of this film as a classic light-hearted comedy, but Hoffman explains that “it was never a comedy for me.” His explanation brings him to tears, and if you’re anything like me, it’ll bring you to tears, too. Tears or no tears, it’s an absolutely lovely way to start the day. More »