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From Juice Fasts To Ice Cream Every Day: 10 Fashion Designers Share Their Diets

From Juice Fasts To Ice Cream Every Day: 10 Fashion Designers Share Their Diets

This morning, we were surprised to learn that beloved Italian designer Valentino Garavani follows a stunningly strict diet–without going too deep into it, the regimen involves “no sugar, no milk, no dairy except goat cheese, no gluten pasta, Bio Rice, no meat, some fish (not the ones with mercury), vegetables, no potatoes, no bread except rice crackers or grissini, one glass of red wine, sugarless sherbet, all sweets made with almond milk and xylitol sweetener, and one coffee a day.” So, basically hell.

Still, we were surprised that designers eat so strict when their bodies aren’t the primary focus of the industry’s scrutiny (well, not as much). This got us thinking: is Valentino unusual? Or extreme? We researched 10 designer diets to determine the answer. More »

Giorgio Armani’s LSD Story

Giorgio Armani's LSD Story

Sometimes, it’s nice to know some extraordinarily famous designers are just as goofy as that awesome-turned-strange-turned-sad guy you knew in college who used to rant about lizards speaking revelations to him but now just hangs around at dirty collective houses in Berkeley because tripped out his brain for four straight years. Well, maybe not “nice,” per se, but certainly fascinating. Giorgio Armani apparently falls into that category. More »

Male Model David Chiang Sets His Sights On Victoria’s Secret

Male Model David Chiang Sets His Sights On Victoria's Secret

Taiwanese-born, Canada-raised David Chiang had been courted by modeling scouts since age 13. He deferred in order to attend college and still landed on the runways of Alexander McQueen and Giorgio Armani during his 2010 debut season. Chiang, now 22, has top model written all over him… Karl Lagerfeld even met him backstage at Dior and told him he was a “very beautiful Chinese girl.” But Chiang’s ultimate goal as a model isn’t snagging a Dior Homme campaign or posing in his undwerwear for Armani, it’s More »