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Lea Michele Says She Lost Two People, Cory And Finn, And I’m Officially Uncomfortable

Lea Michele Says She Lost Two People, Cory And Finn, And Iâm Officially Uncomfortable

I want to be very careful how I discuss this, because I would never presume to judge how one person mourns for another, but something about the way that Lea Michele is discussing the death of Cory Monteith is making me very uncomfortable. I can’t imagine how impossibly difficult it must be to cope with the death of a significant other — especially when it comes from as far out of left field as Cory’s overdose did — but I don’t think that putting the loss of Cory on the same level as the loss of his Glee character Finn Hudson is clarifying anything for anybody. But here’s what Lea had to say to TV Week AustraliaMore »

Red Carpet: Glee‘s Dianna Agron Does A Crop Top Right

Red Carpet: Glee's Dianna Agron Does A Crop Top Right

This summer, red carpets were awash in midsections: Spring/Summer 2013 collections were all tropical and bright (and nostalgic for colonialism), ’90s revivalism dominated style blogs and certain young famous women became increasingly aware that outrageous outfits spawned outraged blog posts (especially effective when trying to shed one’s identity as a wholesome Disney star)–and so, over the past few months, crops and bra tops have become kind of ubiquitous on the red carpet… More »