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Bullish Life: The Things We Can’t Have Now

Bullish Life: The Things We Can't Have Now

I’ve written a plethora of Bullish columns about going out and getting what you want (see Bullish: When To Make Massive And Ballsy Life Changes For Your Career and Bullish: You Can Start a Business by Tuesday.) I like to call it “ballsiness” because I am amused by the rather medieval view that power resides in the testicles — an unimposing body part if ever there were one.

But sometimes, you just have to wait. More »

I Hate Your New Year’s Resolution

I Hate Your New Year's Resolution

Oh, you’re going to sign up for a gym membership? That’s awesome. Wow, you’re giving up dairy and wheat so you can lose 20 pounds by Thursday? Congratulations. I’m sure there’s some kind of award for tha-oh, my resolution? Um, I’m going to be healthier or whatever. Yeah. That sounds good. No, I’d totally love to go to your core-energizing marathon Bikram Pilates class with you tonight, but, um, I just agreed to this volunteer thing. More »

5 Reasons Why You Should Skip the Whole New Year’s Resolution Thing

5 Reasons Why You Should Skip the Whole New Year's Resolution Thing

The concept of making New Year’s resolutions goes as far as 153 BC with the mythical king of Rome, Janus. Janus, having two faces (not unlike most people I know), was able to reflect on the past year as well as foresee the upcoming future, and in doing so became the symbol of resolutions. It was the beginning of the New Year that Romans sought forgiveness from their enemies, exchanged gifts and also perceived the New Year as a fresh start and a clean slate of sorts. I, however, have never bought into the whole New Year’s resolution thing… as of January 1st you just get a free “do-over?” Sounds like something invented by Weight Watchers and not the Romans, if you ask me. So here’s an idea: fuck the New Year’s resolutions, you know you’re not going to stick to it anyway. Instead, use these five reasons as your excuses as to why you’re not doing that whole resolution thing… your friends will marvel at your wisdom. More »