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Body Shaming, Baby Bumps, Sexism And How Parkinson’s Disease Is Not ‘Fun’- The Golden Globes

Body Shaming, Baby Bumps, Sexism And How Parkinsonâs Disease Is Not âFunâ- The Golden Globes

If you stayed up to watch all of the Golden Globes, I’m highly impressed. I did my best, but I started dozing off a bit before 11. I’m getting too old for this shiz. I can’t stay up until 11 on a school night, but all my running crew was up: The GlossCrushableGloria Fallon, and my boss, Meghan Keane, who gently suggested I cover The Golden Globes. But I’m old! And I’m sleepy! And I missed Downton Abby! But this happened, which made it seem OK: More »