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Bullish: Should You Do What You Love?

Bullish: Should You Do What You Love?

Are you really at the very peak of success when your profession requires you to drag your sorry-ass, bloated, nauseated body into an office by 9am every morning and to stick around until evening — regardless of how much value you’ve created or whether you’re in the best place to accomplish your work — for show and solidarity? More »

Party Favors: DIY Project For A Summer Staple

Party Favors: DIY Project For A Summer Staple

A bizarre use for many spare Popsicle sticks. -DIYLife

Pop culture’s 15 most memorable beehives. -The Frisky

A new study on cheating reveals some interesting reasons why people stray. -College Candy

Happy Meals inch closer to Healthy Meals. -DoubleX

Recent Google searches. -The Hairpin

Are childfree couples selfish? -YourTango

Sephora has released an ambitious new app. -The High Low

Guess which fashion house is releasing a (presumably gorgeous) debut perfume? -Refinery29

Um! Hello Kitty is also releasing a perfume. -Betty Confidential

Models are taking over the movies! -Styleite

Speaking of models, Alessandra Ambrosio is summer ready. -The Budget Babe

How your skin ages. -YouBeauty

Summer beauty sins you should definitely avoid. -Birchbox

Party Favors: Why You Might Prefer the Fat Friend

Party Favors:  Why You Might Prefer the Fat Friend

In case you didn’t have any, here are some ideas for what to do after sex. College Candy

Would you say yes to a wedding proposal etched on on your front lawn? Yahoo! News

Would you rather “weep in a Rolls Royce than be happy on a bicycle”? The Wall Street Journal

Your fat fetish actually has a medical cause. The Frisky

Should you Google someone before you go on a date together? Tuscon Citizen

Here are some ways to cope with the fact that you hate your significant other’s parents, siblings, and friends. Lemondrop More »

Googling Eco-Fashion

Googling Eco-Fashion

When I think of eco-fashion designers, I think Stella McCartney, Linda Loudermilk, Kelly B…not Google. Yet, here we are. You now can get Google paraphernalia that is made out of organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and soybeans. So, while calling them … More »