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Gallery: All Of The Outfits From Nicki Minaj’s Eye Popping ‘I Am Your Leader’ Video

Gallery: All Of The Outfits From Nicki Minaj's Eye Popping 'I Am Your Leader' Video

Sartorial genius and Anna Wintour pal Nicki Minaj dropped a video for her new single “I Am Your Leader” today, and it’s no less eye popping than we’ve come to expect from her, with the added bonus that it’s actually a good song. (Please stick to rapping, Nicki!) I love the colorful Tim Burton-esque backdrop, and it goes along perfectly with the whole “cute/kooky/scary” image she’s built for herself. She doesn’t wear that many different outfits in it, relatively speaking, but the ones she does wear are pretty memorable. Here are screen caps of all of them, plus some bonus ones of guests Rick Ross and Cam’ron. More »

I Changed My Style For A Dude, And I’m Okay With That

I Changed My Style For A Dude, And I'm Okay With That

As we established yesterday, Kanye West has gradually been molding Kim Kardashian into his beautiful, dark, twisted fantasy of What Kanye West’s Girlfriend Should Look Like. And while I generally have little empathy for that bionic fame-eater, I must admit it made me think back on my own stylistic evolution, a personal development which was largely caused by being in a controlling relationship with a Kanye of my own. More »

Gallery: 14 Things I Should Probably Regret, But Don’t

Gallery: 14 Things I Should Probably Regret, But Don't

Just now, when trying to write a post about how I regret everything about my first job (especially the getting myself fired part, but also the letting myself be trapped in a job I hated part), I realized something: I don’t actually regret that at all. Sure, I might do things differently if I found myself in that situation today, but it taught me some important lessons that have informed how I’ve led my life since then. (Do you care? Should I write about these awful lessons tomorrow? Just thinking about it now is making my heart speed up.) Sifting through the rest of my life for regrets, I realized I feel much the same way about most of the “regrettable” things I’ve done. With the exception of the times I’ve hurt people other than myself, I regret none of them, because they helped make me the semi-functional adult I am today. Hence, I give you: 14 things I should probably regret, but don’t More »

Gallery: Taylor Momsen Rocks Hot Topic Couture In Zink Magazine

Gallery: Taylor Momsen Rocks Hot Topic Couture In Zink Magazine

Tiny terror Taylor Momsen can be seen showing off her signature goth rock style in the latest issue of Zink Magazine, which, as far as I can tell from its website, is about fashion, Canada, and something called “vaporization.” But while the clothes may look like she got them at Hot Topic circa 1997, they’re actually by luxury brands like Geoffrey Mac, La Perla, and Dolce & Gabbana. I’m sure they’re super well-made and everything, but I’m struck by how similar fancy rocker gear tends to look to goods that can be purchased at cheap-to-mid-priced stores like H&M and Trash and Vaudeville. In any case, Momsen rocks them the way only a genuinely angsty teen can, and looks quite comfortable in her own pale skin. Maybe it’s because she reminds me of high school me, but I actually find her pretty adorable. I just hope she finds a female mentor to tell her that those hair extensions are not very punk. More »