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L’Oreal Is Developing A Pill That Will Prevent Gray Hair

L'Oreal Is Developing A Pill That Will Prevent Gray Hair

Imagine a perfect utopia in which all skin is tan and firm, all bodies are toned and hairless, all breasts point skyward and no one has a single lock of gray hair. Look closely: this world is terrifying.

…However, there is certainly a market for any and all kinds of anti-aging products and graying hair is pretty high on the list of concerns. Consequently, L’Oreal has announced they’re working on a pill that will prevent the little salt and pepper strands from ever forming More »

Introducing Touch Of Gray

Introducing Touch Of Gray

Touch of Gray is a new product from Just For Men. Designed basically for Men who wants to reduce the appearance of gray hair on their head to show vitality and optimism. Available in five natural-looking shades including: light brown/gray … More »