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Party Favors: Vampires Have Grooming Routines, Too.

Party Favors: Vampires Have Grooming Routines, Too.

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12 Actual Grooming Rules All Working Women Should Know

12 Actual Grooming Rules All Working Women Should Know

Naturally, as ladies who work, we were curious to see which of these 12 Grooming Rules All Working Women Should Know were relevant to us. We were surprised to find, however, that some of them were just plain old life rules–”go easy on the perfume” and “moisturize! moisturize! moisturize!”–and some of them were… not really true? Especially the ones presented as the most set in stone–”Mascara is a must” and, on the subject of leg shaving: ”If you wear something that reveals your legs, then you must shave your legs.”

Certainly, as slovenly bloggers, we Gloss editors can get away with a lot–but we figured we’d come up with a more reasonable/less gendered list ourselves. More »

Absence Makes The Heart Less Bitchy: 9 Reasons Why You Need Alone Time

Absence Makes The Heart Less Bitchy: 9 Reasons Why You Need Alone Time

There comes a point in every girl’s relationship when her boyfriend says those three little words she wasn’t quite expecting to hear: “I’m going camping.”  Even if your man has never set foot in the sticks, there will be something that urges him to take a long weekend with his guy friends and head to the country with a pair of boots and a trunk full of camping equipment.  Don’t take it personally. Men need their mountain time — their own space to be alone with their thoughts, eat shitloads of burnt veggie burgers, and get filthy. Consider this a blessing in bug spray-soaked disguise.

You’ll have alone time at last, and that’s a great thing for your relationship. More »

Poll: Does Anyone Actually Shave Their Legs In The Winter?

Poll: Does Anyone Actually Shave Their Legs In The Winter?

While contemplating the awfulness that is New Year’s Eve dresses, I had a sudden thought. Millions of women across the country are going to have to dust off that razor, hop in the tub and shave those hairy, nasty winter legs. Or they are going to be like me and wear super-thick tights out to the bars this year. I mean, that is what most people will do right? Tights or leggings under their dress? Because who on earth shaves in the winter? More »

What To Do About Your Toe/Nipple Hair

What To Do About Your Toe/Nipple Hair

Well, you should get rid of it, or no one will ever love you.

Actually, you should probably do whatever you feel like to it. But maybe, what you feel like doing is “removing it.” Maybe that’s because the Aztecs didn’t have hair below their eyebrows and you want to work that look. That’s understandable. What’s not understandable is that there are no salon treatments available for toe or nipple hair! So here is how you remove it with a minimal amount of pain/ingrown hairs. More »

What’s Your Body Hair Grooming Routine?

What's Your Body Hair Grooming Routine?

There are as many differing opinions on the removal or maintenance of body hair as there are people with it, but sometimes those opinions surprise you. We spoke to 15 women–some friends, some we barely knew (which was exciting)–about what they do to their armpits, legs, upper lips and (especially) pubic hair. We’ve broken down their responses into three different categories: Regular Cat (as in, cats with hair), Shaved Cat (cats from Brazil who only have a little) and Hairless Cats (who are fucking adorable). Also, if you think it’s infantile to use cats to represent parts of the female body: get your mind out of the gutter, it’s not a euphamism for pussy. It’s the internet. Cat pictures just do really well. More »