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The Editors Discuss: The Terrible Movie Based On H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine

The Editors Discuss: The Terrible Movie Based On H.G. Wells' The Time Machine

Okay, this is pretty esoteric (even for us) but, do you guys remember The Time Machine? It was pretty much universally derided as a shameful piece of shit. It came up pretty randomly this afternoon. Deputy Editor Ashley Cardiff hasn’t seen it since it came out while EIC Jennifer Wright loves the original story by HG Wells and has seen the movie more times than she’d like to admit. Ashley thought Jennifer should explain to her what the movie was about, like they did recently with The Lion King. The only problem was Jennifer didn’t have time to assemble the slides, so Ashley had to do it.

…Albino dinosaur Jeremy Irons and more ahead. More »

Friday Style Icon: Bianca From ‘The Rescuers’

Friday Style Icon: Bianca From 'The Rescuers'

This week’s Style Icon is an unlikely one: Miss Bianca of the famed Rescue Aid Society (the only cabal of mice in the basement of the United Nations building that won’t give you hantaviris, presumably). Anyway, Bianca was pretty chic for a mouse. She didn’t wear much (weather permitting) but many fashion types would say that means her wardrobe was well-edited: pillbox hats, gloves, fur stoles and everything perfectly accessorized. Here’s some Bianca looks over both Rescuers films. More »