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10 “Nice Guy” Phrases That Girls Are Sick Of Hearing

10 "Nice Guy" Phrases That Girls Are Sick Of Hearing

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What’s a nice guy? Let’s refresh: A nice guy is a dude who claims to be a great dude based on silly criteria like listening to their female friends (who they might have a crush on) talk about their problems. In reality, they’re delusional and just think they’re nice when they’re actually bitter jerks. More »

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That Awkward Moment Proves That Rom-Coms From A Guy’s Perspective Can’t Work

That Awkward Moment Proves That Rom-Coms From A Guyâs Perspective Canât Work

That Awkward Moment, the unfortunately-titled movie starring Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan, and Miles Teller, officially proves to me that, if there’s one type of movie that will never work, it’s the bro-mantic comedy. That sort of sounds like the main relationships in the movie are between really close BFFs à la Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson. And that’s halfway true, what with the three different romantic storylines that are connected by the best friendship the three main characters share. But, mostly, this movie wins the title of a brom-com (I’m really running with this) because it’s trying so hard to be a romantic comedy but also to be a buddy movie and it just doesn’t know which to choose. It even follows the typical formula which normally makes me all melty inside, but the rough mashup of bro humor and sweet romantic situations is where it all goes downhill. More »