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You’ll Totally Relate To Josh Hutcherson’s Hair Conditioner Woes

You'll Totally Relate To Josh Hutcherson's Hair Conditioner Woes

If you were to ask Josh Hutcherson what the hardest thing about playing Peeta in the upcoming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 was, you’d probably be surprised by how much you relate to his answer. During an interview on LIVE with Kelly and Michael, Josh didn’t talk about the challenges of portraying a teenager forced to fight to the death but the very real struggle of keeping his dye job moisturized and looking its best while working. More »

AM News: How To Wash Your Hair Properly

AM News: How To Wash Your Hair Properly

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AM News: Your Hairstylist Is Your New Best Friend

AM News: Your Hairstylist Is Your New Best Friend

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