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Would You Wear: Mon Mode’s Handy Purse Hook

Would You Wear: Mon Mode's Handy Purse Hook

I was first introduced to the “purse hook” a few years ago on New Years at a bar in north Brooklyn. My friend Nadja sat down, felt around beneath the bar for a hook and then we exchanged what I thought was that universal lady dismay expression of, “There are no hooks at this bar and our bags shall have to be placed on the floor if there is not an empty seat beside us.”* But then! More »

Exclusive: Your First Look At Hayden-Harnett’s Pirates of the Caribbean Collection

Exclusive: Your First Look At Hayden-Harnett's Pirates of the Caribbean Collection

Yesterday we brought you the news that Brooklyn-based label Hayden-Harnett will again team up with Walt Disney Signature on a collection of handbags and accessories inspired by the latest Pirates of the Caribbean installment, On Stranger Tides. Today, we’re bringing you the first look at the complete collection, which will be available in May. Check out this exclusive slideshow of all the swashbuckling handbags, cuffs, wallets and scarves. More »

Exclusive: Hayden-Harnett’s Next Disney Collaboration Is… Pirates of the Caribbean

Exclusive: Hayden-Harnett's Next Disney Collaboration Is... Pirates of the Caribbean

Beloved Brooklyn-based handbags and accessories label Hayden-Harnett has already produced two fantastic collaborations with Walt Disney Signature: Fantasia and Tron. But the HH team–Toni Hacker and Benjamin Harnett–told TheGloss exclusively what project they’ll be re-interpreting next: the latest Pirates of the Caribbean installment, On Stranger Tides. Here’s the first peak at the collection anywhere, with another image (of one of the amazing scarves!) after the jump. More »

Handbag Porn: Badgley Mischka

Handbag Porn: Badgley Mischka

First of all, do you have any idea how difficult it is to type “Badgely Mischka”? Go ahead and try it.

Anyway, I actually came across this bag in Nordstrom the other day, on my unending quest to find the perfect bag upon which to blow several hundred dollars of my freelance writer’s salary (fuck you, I’m Carrie fucking Bradshaw). More »

Ready-to-Click: Kate Moss To Be Made An Honest Woman

Ready-to-Click: Kate Moss To Be Made An Honest Woman

Jamie Hince is gonna wife Kate Moss. -Styleite

French shoe designer Benoît Méléard has created a tribute to 50s American designer Beth Levine with his latest experimental collection. -Dazed Digital

Diane Kruger agonized over whether or not she should buy a Hermès Constance bag. For six years. -Vogue UK

Danish supe Helena Christensen owes her career to Karl Lagerfeld, despite a bad perm and “baby cheeks.” -Contact Music

Burberry street style goodness, H&M’s new green stuff, VS Angels want you to love them and More »

Diane Kruger Freaked Out About Buying an Hermes Bag

Diane Kruger Freaked Out About Buying an Hermes Bag

Celebrities – they’re just like us! Diane Kruger covers this month’s Glamour and talks about the most expensive fashion purchase she ever made.

“All my life I wanted to own an Hermès Constance bag,” she said, “and when I signed with Calvin Klein [as the face of his Beauty fragrance], I decided this was the time that I could afford it. I truly broke a sweat when I paid for it.” More »

Point/Counterpoint: It’s Vulgar To Buy A $120,000 Bag

Point/Counterpoint: It's Vulgar To Buy A $120,000 Bag

Sometimes people at TheGloss are so open minded that our brains fall out, and we can’t remember whether or not it’s okay to spend $120,000 on a handbag. On one hand we think this Crocodile Matte Birkin is lovely, on the other, giant sized hand, we think this kind of expenditure is insane. Asshole Jen and Rational Jen are going to talk about this in a calm and civilized manner. More »