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Red Carpet Rundown: Bright Young Things At The Ender’s Game Premiere

Red Carpet Rundown: Bright Young Things At The Ender's Game Premiere

Ender’s Game had its big Hollywood premiere last night at the famed TCL Chinese Theatre–the hotly anticipated movie is based on Orson Scott Card‘s YA classic and expected to do some damage at the box office. The film’s young stars–Hailee Steinfeld, Abigail Breslin–walked the red carpet, alongside a Hollywood legend (or two) and one extended member of the Kardashian family. Here’s what they wore. More »

Hot Older Men We’d Happily Sleep With

Hot Older Men We'd Happily Sleep With

Okay, look. This is actually a Fuck Marry Kill involving Jack Nicholson, Wearren Beatty and Jeremy Irons, in honor of our debate earlier this week on whether or not 23-year-olds should be having sex with other 23-year-olds (as opposed to aging bankers). We were surprised that a number of the comments were so negative–”Any man in his 40s who is looking to date a 23 year old has issues. He either has a daddy complex or is desperately trying to recapture his youth via a trophy girlfriend”–what with plenty of older men being so attractive in their own right. Anyway, we tried to play Fuck Marry Kill, but the conversation kind of just devolved into a discussion of men over 60 we find hot. You can still submit your FMK votes at the end, though. More »

What’s Your Dream Job?

What's Your Dream Job?

I went to see Morning Glory this weekend, which I actually really liked, despite the fact that their show was called Daybreakers and no surly fedora wearing vampires were involved, unless you are blind and confused and count Harrison Ford. I was bopping along thinking, ‘wow, Rachel McAdams is really good at her job, Go Rachel McAdams! Go! I forgive you for the Notebook! I forgive you!” And then, I guess because she was good at her job vampire Harrison Ford decided he needed to give her a little talk. You know how that talk goes. It goes like this:

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