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Gallery: Lana Del Rey Does What She Does Best In Italian Vogue

Gallery: Lana Del Rey Does What She Does Best In Italian Vogue

In the August issue of Italian Vogue, there’s an editorial showcasing Lana Del Rey doing exactly what she does best: dressing up like a sexy ’60s sex kitten and saying she doesn’t care what any of us meanie-heads say about her. I’m not just being mean when I say she should stick to modeling; my personal opinions on fake lips aside (DON’T DO IT, GIRLS) this lady has never had a problem looking good in pictures. Unfortunately, the interview is in Italian so I can’t read it, but I’ll try to imagine some of the things she was thinking and feeling. More »

Gallery: The Best Of Courtney Stodden’s Facebook Page

Gallery: The Best Of Courtney Stodden's Facebook Page

When Courtney Stodden had her Facebook page reinstated, it opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Not only can we gawk in horror/awe at her 24-hour sex and Jesus carnival, we can now gawk at the various individuals who’ve seen fit to grace her Facebook page with their comments. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to gawk at yourself a little bit for being so easily suckered in by a poorly parented teenager’s cries for attention. (I am slapping myself in the face as we speak, but it’s not working.) More »