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An Outsider’s Look At The Real Housewives of New Jersey

An Outsider's Look At The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Lilit and the passel of interns spend at least half an hour every day talking about The Real Housewives of New Jersey. I don’t watch it, because I like TV shows to have a plot and some provocative questions about the nature of life. You know, the way Hellcats does (did you watch the Star Trek inspired episode yesterday? Magic!). But I’m pretty sure that I know enough knowledge just from hearing them talk about it to be able to fill you in on what the show is about if you, like me, have never seen it. Lilit and intern Hannah posed questions: More »

Gallery: 5 Things I Learned From ‘Hellcats’

Gallery: 5 Things I Learned From 'Hellcats'

I’m not going to lie – as soon as the main character in Hellcats said she hated the Freemasons because the gave us Dan Brown, I decided I really liked her. Because I hate the Freemasons and America, and I’m using TheGloss as my political platform. No, because it was a female character on the CW who knew who the Freemasons were and referenced them casually in conversation. Then she earnestly shouted at her college’s dean “you know what keeps me alive? Hope. You kill my dreams, you kill me!” And I remembered I was watching a show called Hellcats about cheerleaders. I still learned a lot, though. About dreams. And pyramids More »

Link Love: The Day After The Vogue Runway Show

Link Love: The Day After The Vogue Runway Show

Shoot! I completely forgot that the Vogue Runway show to kick off Fashion Night Out (with celebrities like Andre Leon Talley and Anna Wintour) was yesterday – Racked

Karlie Kloss weighed in on the Runway show. You know, I don’t think we were even invited. – TheCut is asking for previews of the major collections. Bet they got to go to the runway show. Jerks. – NYT

Tim Gunn thinks everyone at Conde Nast would be well served by straightjackets. Tim, let’s have our OWN runway show – HuffPo

You know what we are invited to? Hellcats. The new CW show. Which starts tonight. Because TV invites everyone. – CWTV More »