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Party Favors: ‘The Jersey Shore’ Cast Has Herpes

Party Favors: 'The Jersey Shore' Cast Has Herpes

Reality TV shows are showing us exactly what real relationships are not like, unless you live in a house with eight people who all have herpes. – YourTango

Would you buy a greeting card for your newly divorced BFF? Everyone else is. - Lemondrop

If you’re planning a sleepover on a work night, make sure you’re inconspicuous when you walk to your cubicle (aka, ditch the overnight bag). – Crushable

The Spice Girls musical, rumored to be named Viva Forever (um, why not Spice Up Your Life?), looks like it is closer to actually happening now that writer, Jennifer Saunders, has signed on. Zigga zig ah. – Nylon More »