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Gallery: 10 Celebrities Who’ve Done Crazy Crash Diets

Gallery: 10 Celebrities Who've Done Crazy Crash Diets

Most celebrities credit their distractingly lean physiques to “yoga, pilates, chicken and fish.” Most celebrities are liars. It’s not really their fault, though, being so thin due to a cocktail of tremendous pressure, an intensely competitive industry and public scrutiny. Every now and again, though, actors admit to the extreme measures they take–whether for a role or not–and we never stop being… surprised? Here’s what famous people like Charlize Theron, Christian Bale, Megan Fox and Matt Damon have all done to drop weight fast. Also, we’re really glad Crash Diet Week ends today. More »

Gallery: The 12 Most Ridiculous Celebrity Perfumes

Gallery: The 12 Most Ridiculous Celebrity Perfumes

The three latest high-profile stories in celebrity perfume have all made me laugh (/a little sad?): Taylor Swift’s making something that “smells like falling in love“ (training bras and bad decisions), Justin Bieber continues to relentlessly milk the wallets of his tween fans, and Britney Spears is launching fragrance #1000 (called cosmic radiance).  Inspired by these recent items, we’ve put together a list of the 12 celebrity scents that make us burst out laughing every time we see them and imagine what they smell like. More »