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The Ten Classiest Items From Rihanna’s River Island 2013 Fall Collection

The Ten Classiest Items From Rihanna's River Island 2013 Fall Collection

Hi haters! Try as you might to tear her down with your naysaying, Rihanna is back with a new collection of fashion disasters just in time for Fall 2013. No doubt the result of much hands-on product development by Ri Ri herself, the latest set of River Island clubwear is brimming with all the camo, crop tops, and Forever 21-ified hiphop wear your fancy heart desires. But with so many pieces to choose from, each garment more eye-catching than the last, which should you go out and purchase? Not to worry, for I have selected the ten swaggiest and most ladylike items for your shopping convenience. Of course, this list won’t be necessary if you just buy them all. #shoptiludrop More »

Frank Ocean Makes His Fashion Modeling Debut In Band Of Outsiders’ Instagram-y Spring Campaign

Frank Ocean Makes His Fashion Modeling Debut In Band Of Outsiders' Instagram-y Spring Campaign

It’s been a pretty good year or so for Frank Ocean. His debut full-length, Channel Orange, won a Grammy for “Best Urban Contemporary Album,” and better yet, most people correctly thought he was the rightful winner of the “Album Of The Year” title stolen by Boring And Sons. The world reacted well to his revelation that his album was partly about a male lover, and he came out looking like the good guy in an altercation with Chris Brown (granted, not a hard thing to do). Now, he’s branching out into the world of fashion with a starring role in Band Of Outsiders’ spring/summer 2013 campaign, and while he certainly looks good in the clothes, I kind of wish you could see them better. Kids today, with their high tech digital simulations of shitty old cameras! That said, it appeals to the part of my brain that is addicted to Instagram, and the campaign is a clear sign that he’s become a beacon of pop culture, as previous BofO stars include Michelle Williams and the Harry Potter kids. More »

Gallery: A Frame-By-Frame Analysis Of Nicki Minaj’s New Perfume Ad

Gallery: A Frame-By-Frame Analysis Of Nicki Minaj's New Perfume Ad

Nicki Minaj has a new perfume out, and you know what that means: as with all celebrity perfumes, she was contractually obligated to make a mystical, magical, nonsensical commercial. So she did, Nicki style. To be honest, I think Nicki kind of phoned it in on this one (what, no monsters or cartoon Goth scenery?), maybe because Lady Gaga already made a crazy cinematic perfume ad and she didn’t want to be accused of copying her. But Nicki at 5 is as good as most people at 11, so let’s do her the honor of figuring out what the heck is going on here. More »

Gallery: Azealia Banks Rocks Her Signature Mermaid Style In Spin Magazine

Gallery: Azealia Banks Rocks Her Signature Mermaid Style In Spin Magazine

Rising hiphop star and fashion icon Azealia Banks is a unique and interesting young lady. In Spin‘s September cover story, Zach Baron details her Harlem roots, her musical omnivorousness, and her exciting rise to prominence. In the grand scheme of things, of course, these things are all more important than how she looks. That said, she’s one of the coolest looking individuals I’ve seen in a while, at least partly because she’s made it her business to inject her personality into everything she wears. Click through to see the rad photos from the editorial, and head over to Spin to read more about what’s inside this fabulous person’s head. More »

Gallery: All Of The Outfits From Nicki Minaj’s Eye Popping ‘I Am Your Leader’ Video

Gallery: All Of The Outfits From Nicki Minaj's Eye Popping 'I Am Your Leader' Video

Sartorial genius and Anna Wintour pal Nicki Minaj dropped a video for her new single “I Am Your Leader” today, and it’s no less eye popping than we’ve come to expect from her, with the added bonus that it’s actually a good song. (Please stick to rapping, Nicki!) I love the colorful Tim Burton-esque backdrop, and it goes along perfectly with the whole “cute/kooky/scary” image she’s built for herself. She doesn’t wear that many different outfits in it, relatively speaking, but the ones she does wear are pretty memorable. Here are screen caps of all of them, plus some bonus ones of guests Rick Ross and Cam’ron. More »

Gallery: Die Antwoord’s Yolandi Visser Is The Blonde Bombshell Of Your Nightmares In FHM South Africa

Gallery: Die Antwoord's Yolandi Visser Is The Blonde Bombshell Of Your Nightmares In FHM South Africa

Yolandi Visser is an odd bird. As one half of the rap-rave duo Die Antwoord, she helps create a caricature of South African white trash culture (a.k.a. “zef”) that can certainly be perceived as misogynistic. But when you see her performing onstage in some weird, evil get-up she designed herself, rapping a mile a minute about how she’s a black magic witch who will steal all your money, it’s hard to see her as anything but one bad bitch. Also, I’m pretty sure the whole thing’s a performance art project put on by a well-to-do hipster couple that met in art school. Anyway, she’s in the August issue of FHM South Africa looking just as tough and pretty as ever. Check her out. More »

Gallery: Azealia Banks Shows Us Why She’s Karl Lagerfeld’s Muse In Paper Magazine

Gallery: Azealia Banks Shows Us Why She's Karl Lagerfeld's Muse In Paper Magazine

Reading about drug-addicted writer Cat Marnell all over the internet today sent me down an existential k-hole I wasn’t sure I’d ever crawl out of. As I tried desperately to focus on my work, I actually said “I need something fucking fun” out loud to myself. Luckily, Karl Lagerfeld muse, talented rapper, and all-around excellent pop cultural figure Azealia Banks was there to cheer me up with her colorful style and giant Mickey Mouse chain. (And unlike GQPaper didn’t water down her look.) I dare you to be bummed after looking at these pictures. Bitch is like human Prozac. More »