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Happy 4/20! Here Are Some Hemp Duds That Won’t Make You Totally Look Like A Hippy

Happy 4/20! Here Are Some Hemp Duds That Won't Make You Totally Look Like A Hippy

I have nothing against hippies. In fact, if I had access to a scanner, I’d scan a photo of me high out of my mind at a Grateful Dead concert as proof that I was one for a hot minute. Or rather, I wanted to see the Dead before Jerry passed away, which he did just a couple months later. What can I say? I used to love outdoor concerts where you can drink, smoke weed and make out with boys you’ll never see again. More »

Bette Midler Bids “I Regret Everything” Week A Fond Farewell

Bette Midler Bids "I Regret Everything" Week A Fond Farewell

We kicked off “I Regret Everything” week at TheGloss last week. The name was inspired by Edith Piaf’s “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien” (no, I do not regret anything). But, apparently, we’re unoriginal, because Bette Midler already had a song entitled “I Regret Everything.” We’re posting it below, but first, let’s glance at all your regrets and then let them go. More »

Video: Medical Marijuana Beverage

Video: Medical Marijuana Beverage

Full disclosure: I’m not a pot smoker. Not even little bit. Pot renders me completely paranoid and debilitatingly self-conscious, and then I’m that weirdo sitting in the corner curled up against the wall like some 17-year-old in a Cobrasnake photoshoot, glaring mistrustfully at everyone in the room and wondering why they all hate me so much. More »