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Swaziland Bans ‘Rape-Provoking’ Mini-Skirts, Low-Rise Jeans & Tight Clothing

Swaziland Bans 'Rape-Provoking' Mini-Skirts, Low-Rise Jeans & Tight Clothing

2012 was a really mixed year for women’s rights, with some major triumphs (birth control coverage! advances in HPV vaccinations! more women are learning about and using IUDs!)… along with some deeply terrifying setbacks (pretty much every time a conservative opened his mouth on the subject of rape, we saw stars).

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‘Stand Tall, Get Snapped’: Photographer Edo Zollo Seeks To Destigmatize People Living With HIV

'Stand Tall, Get Snapped': Photographer Edo Zollo Seeks To Destigmatize People Living With HIV

Living with HIV is a frightening prospect, but millions of people do so every day. For some, the stigma accompanying their status is even more terrifying: people can be cruel, demeaning and afraid of those with HIV, treating them as though they are less than human or that they are to blame for the condition. Photographer Edo Zollo seeks to change these misconceptions through his series, “Stand Tall, Get Snapped.” More »

Real Talk And Poll: Do You Still Worry About HIV/AIDs?

 Real Talk And Poll: Do You Still Worry About HIV/AIDs?

We’re pretty pleased that we’ve reached a point in our lives where we’ve stopped seeing AIDs a cool counterculture symbol, and more of a “really, really bad thing.” That may be the definition of maturity! But that doesn’t stop it from being a disease that affects 33.3 million people worldwide (and 1.2 million in the United States). With World AIDs Day 2011 coming up tomorrow (December 1st) we’re curious about how many of you still worry about HIV/AIDs. You can tell us in our poll, and check out the responses below.
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Party Favors: Powers Combine

Party Favors: Powers Combine

A Captain Planet movie?! -The Frisky

The pill can help prevent HIV infection? -YourTango

Concerning the stigmatization of STDs. -College Candy

Ridiculous home-related fights we’ve had. -ShelterPop

Today in Hollywood sex panics. -DoubleX

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The 10 best Twitter feeds in the fashion industry. -The High Low

Apparently Alexander Wang only eats extremely delicious foods. -Styleite

Ignore the Kardashian sticking out of it: that ivory blazer is pretty and summer perfect. -The Budget Babe

Public service announcement: how to wash your face. -YouBeauty

A checklist for getting bikini-ready (without having to hit the gym). -Birchbox

…Or you could exercise! …For your body type! -Betty Confidential

‘The Sex Squad’ Actually Teaches Kids About Safe Sex

'The Sex Squad' Actually Teaches Kids About Safe Sex

The only thing I remember about my sex education course in high school (also known just as “health” to avoid course naming controversy in public school) was that I was partnered up with a guy friend to make a poster about crabs and it was torturously embarrassing. I also remember that I signed up to take it as a summer course so I wouldn’t have to sit through listening to my gym teacher during the slow-moving school year lecture about how if you have sex “you will get chlamydia and you will die.” What we actually learned, I don’t really remember. I’m pretty sure Hollywood and the news have educated me more about safe sex than those six weeks during the summer I was 15. More »

Party Favors: Lap Dancing is a ‘Performance Art’

Party Favors: Lap Dancing is a 'Performance Art'

Strippers ARE smart! And are mostly art majors. – TresSugar

Alert Captain Obvious: Folks who are HIV-positive should use protection, especially to avoid being arrested for “carelessly transmitting HIV.” – Blisstree

Butterfaces unite! Men are said to be more attracted to a woman’s body if you’re just looking for a one-night stand. – The Frisky

A new magical pill combating melanoma has surfaced and soon hypochondriacs everywhere will all be drinking the Kool-Aid. – Allure More »