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14 Feminist Cross-Stitchings You Didn’t Know You Needed

14 Feminist Cross-Stitchings You Didn't Know You Needed

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When I moved into my first apartment on my own, I had no idea how I wanted to decorate because I had so much freedom. I took to the internet to find super unique things to hang on my walls and also opted to DIY a bunch of stuff to make sure my apartment was truly mine. Today, I stumbled upon some funny cross-stitch art that I absolutely need. Specifically, I found some feminist embroidery that is both hilarious and awesome.
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Celebrate International Cat Day With These Fun Cat Themed Housewares!

Celebrate International Cat Day With These Fun Cat Themed Housewares!

Did you know that today is International Cat Day? Founded in 2002 by Cathy cartoons to help single women come to terms with their never ending solitude,* International Cat Day is a day to celebrate, reflect, and buy shit on Etsy. To that end, I’ve assembled a list of excellent cat-themed housewares, as just because you’re not allowed to have 100 actual cats doesn’t mean you can’t still be surrounded by hundreds of feline eyes wherever you go. So brush the hair off your shirt, click through these wonderful items, and adopt a few more of the internet’s favorite animal. Full disclosure: I may or may not have already purchased all of these things for my new place. More »

Justin Timberlake Designs A Home Line

Justin Timberlake Designs A Home Line

Justin Timberlake has designed a line of home decor because OF FUCKING COURSE HE HAS. The collection–for HomeMint–was designed in collaboration with stylist and designer Estee Stanley. As for Justin’s storied design background, ElleDecor ominously describes his role in both a design and “curatorial” capacity. Did you guys know the word curate doesn’t fucking mean anything anymore? Sorry, people who work in museums. Let’s look at Timberlake’s designed/curated plates. More »

I’m A Slob

I'm A Slob

So I’ve talked a lot about myself on this here website. By this point in our journey, regular The Gloss readers know about my life as a 19-year-old nude model, my sensitive vagina, my struggles with social interaction, and even a bit about my horrible foot secret. But one topic I’ve been too ashamed to crack thus far is my mildly insane tendency towards messiness and hoarding. It’s embarrassing! Then again, I’m guessing some of you are in the same boat as me, so I think it’s time to talk about it. And by “it,” I mean my compulsion to build nests out of dirty laundry. More »