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It’s Not Slutty If…

It's Not Slutty If...

Let’s all agree to shut down the slut-shaming, okay? Having casual sex with a bunch of partners is only slutty when you define casual and bunch. Let’s say that means in your sweatpants and 7,000. Because it’s definitely not slutty if you’re happy, and it’s not slutty if you have regrets. Unless those regrets were about said sweatpants. Personally, I love to get down in sweatpants. More »

Good News: Rihanna Isn’t With Chris Brown, Bad News: She’s With Ashton Kutcher

Good News: Rihanna Isn't With Chris Brown, Bad News: She's With Ashton Kutcher

What were you doing last night? A Wednesday night… probably sleeping? Maybe catching a little America’s Next Top Model? Don’t worry, I won’t judge you. But I might have to judge a certain someone whose name starts with “Ri” and ends with “hanna.” Because while most of us were cuddled up in bed, she was supposedly having a bootie call with Ashton Kutcher. More »

Do We Really Need To Slut Shame Christine O’Donnell?

Do We Really Need To Slut Shame Christine O'Donnell?

I’m not a fan of Christine O’Donnell. Because she’s a witch! No, because I think she’s an odd lady who lies a lot, and not particularly well. But I really do believe that every woman in America – in the world – should have the right to dress up in a lady-bug suit, get drunk and make out with douchebags if she feels like it.

Well, ideally, not douchebags. Because I guess if you do make out with total douchebags, years later, they’ll remember, and sell the story of your hook-up to Gawker. And it will contain gems like this: More »