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10 Awful Songs To Hook Up To

10 Awful Songs To Hook Up To

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You know what I love? All these articles all over the internet about great songs to hook up to. And I don’t love them for the reason you might believe: I love how awful some of their selections are. Sure, some are great. I think that The XX have some great sexy slow-down indie tunes and there are some classic Usher songs that make you want to fan yourself. More »

Party Favors: They Do Call It The Daily Fail

Party Favors: They Do Call It The Daily Fail

Why the Daily Mail‘s Femail section is bad for women. -HuffPo

The summer of your divorce. -Double X

Concerning the term “quietly dating.” -How About We

Reading between the texts: hooking up is hard to do. -The Hairpin

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Zappos invites you to put clothes on naked people. -The High Low

Vogue Brasil’s July issue: Gisele Bundchen gets high… -Refinery29

Courteney Cox has a strange new gig. -Styleite

Cynthia Rowley‘s beauty routine. -Birchbox

Celebs like Gwyneth, Kate, and Blake lounging on lavish yachts. -StyleList

10 bullied stars and the names they were called. -The Frisky

8 flirty white dresses for summer. -Betty Confidential

Contiki Tours Are Not Happy I Outed Their Traffic Light Dating System

Contiki Tours Are Not Happy I Outed Their Traffic Light Dating System

>A few days ago, I wrote about Contiki Tours’ policy of asking participants to identify their dating status as “red light” or “green light” before departing for a trip. The guided tour company evidently didn’t appreciate their policy being made public, because they took the post down from their official website. Luckily, the original page – an AP article about Contiki that the company had posted on their website – is still in Google cache here. More »

Party Favors: What Is a Vag Pad?

Party Favors: What Is a Vag Pad?

On The Bachelor, several of the girls went on a NASCAR-themed group date. The problem? One of the girls lost her fiance, a NASCAR driver, in a plane crash. Not cool. – PopWatch

The female equivalent of the penis sock worn by actors while filming sex scenes is a “vag pad.” – Crushable

“We always hated him,” “Why do you have such problems with men?,” and other things you should never say to someone who just got dumped. – The Frisky

Apparently there’s some kind of love-themed holiday coming up next month. If you want to have a date in time for said holiday, you should probably read this. – Betty Confidential

Would you ever quit your job so that you could focus on your relationship? Charlotte from Sex and the City was unavailable to comment. – YourTango

Finally: a guide to saying “No, I’m not interested in you” in as many situations as possible. – HowAboutWe More »

Have You Ever Suffered a Sex Injury?

Have You Ever Suffered a Sex Injury?

Last week, my friend was telling me about s0me awesome sex he had. Unfortunately, the story ended with them slamming the bed into the wall so hard that he cracked his head. Luckily, he’s okay, but it’s not the first story I’ve heard about injuries sustained mid-sexytimes. In high school, I was terrified of giving head because I heard ten too many stories about girls whose braces got stuck on dudes’ pubic hair. (Side note: I do not think that ever really happened; the story is just a way of trying to keep kids from messing around with each other.) More »

Sexing the Strangler: When Kink Goes Too Far

Sexing the Strangler: When Kink Goes Too Far

Thomas was a writer who was working on his second book and was an adjunct professor at Columbia. I think it was mostly the professor part I liked. He wasn’t my “type,” at all. I didn’t find him exceptionally attractive or witty, but he was so damn smart I just couldn’t get enough of him. Sometimes when we were fooling around he’d recite his doctoral thesis, and honestly, it was pretty hot; even if the premise of his thesis still remains a mystery to me to this day.

Having a few years on me, and several more sexual experiences than I under his belt, he was really adventurous in bed and always looking to push the limits. It seemed harmless at first: adding some toys into the mix, taking turns with tying each other up… basic stuff that we all try out at some point or another. One day he asked me what my “safe” word was. Having never needed a safe word in my life, but being slightly versed in the world of BDSM, I knew what he meant and laughingly said: “apple.” I was eating an apple when he asked me the question. More »

Party Favors: ‘I Don’t Like You, Here, Have a Pumpkin”

Party Favors: 'I Don't Like You, Here, Have a Pumpkin"

Ukrainians don’t celebrate Halloween because pumpkins are the national sign of rejection. – NPR

This guy in Nebraska waterboarded his girlfriend because he thought she was cheating. – The Frisky

“Don’t forget to take off your face paint before hooking up on Halloween” and other do’s and don’ts of Halloween hook-ups. – College Candy

Looking for a man? Don’t head to El Paso, Texas, the city with the lowest percentage of hot men. – YourTango

Note to teasers: don’t tell a guy to slow down and then to be rough. It’s confusing. – Crushable

A British grandma married her Gambian younger lover in Africa because his visa was denied. Now that’s what I call love. – Daily Mail More »