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10 Awful Songs To Hook Up To

10 Awful Songs To Hook Up To

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You know what I love? All these articles all over the internet about great songs to hook up to. And I don’t love them for the reason you might believe: I love how awful some of their selections are. Sure, some are great. I think that The XX have some great sexy slow-down indie tunes and there are some classic Usher songs that make you want to fan yourself. More »

Party Favors: They Do Call It The Daily Fail

Party Favors: They Do Call It The Daily Fail

Why the Daily Mail‘s Femail section is bad for women. -HuffPo

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Contiki Tours Are Not Happy I Outed Their Traffic Light Dating System

Contiki Tours Are Not Happy I Outed Their Traffic Light Dating System

>A few days ago, I wrote about Contiki Tours’ policy of asking participants to identify their dating status as “red light” or “green light” before departing for a trip. The guided tour company evidently didn’t appreciate their policy being made public, because they took the post down from their official website. Luckily, the original page – an AP article about Contiki that the company had posted on their website – is still in Google cache here. More »

Party Favors: What Is a Vag Pad?

Party Favors: What Is a Vag Pad?

On The Bachelor, several of the girls went on a NASCAR-themed group date. The problem? One of the girls lost her fiance, a NASCAR driver, in a plane crash. Not cool. – PopWatch

The female equivalent of the penis sock worn by actors while filming sex scenes is a “vag pad.” – Crushable

“We always hated him,” “Why do you have such problems with men?,” and other things you should never say to someone who just got dumped. – The Frisky

Apparently there’s some kind of love-themed holiday coming up next month. If you want to have a date in time for said holiday, you should probably read this. – Betty Confidential

Would you ever quit your job so that you could focus on your relationship? Charlotte from Sex and the City was unavailable to comment. – YourTango

Finally: a guide to saying “No, I’m not interested in you” in as many situations as possible. – HowAboutWe More »