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Party Favors: ‘I Don’t Like You, Here, Have a Pumpkin”

Party Favors: 'I Don't Like You, Here, Have a Pumpkin"

Ukrainians don’t celebrate Halloween because pumpkins are the national sign of rejection. – NPR

This guy in Nebraska waterboarded his girlfriend because he thought she was cheating. – The Frisky

“Don’t forget to take off your face paint before hooking up on Halloween” and other do’s and don’ts of Halloween hook-ups. – College Candy

Looking for a man? Don’t head to El Paso, Texas, the city with the lowest percentage of hot men. – YourTango

Note to teasers: don’t tell a guy to slow down and then to be rough. It’s confusing. – Crushable

A British grandma married her Gambian younger lover in Africa because his visa was denied. Now that’s what I call love. – Daily Mail More »

Cheating Is Not a Trend, Okay?

Cheating Is Not a Trend, Okay?

Over at Betty Confidential, there’s a first person post from a guy talking about why he has never cheated on a girlfriend. In the intro text, this guy is introduced as some kind of rare, mythical manicorn because it is apparently a “trend” to cheat. The examples of this trend? Some unnamed celebrities. Here’s a newsflash: just because famous people do something does not mean it is a trend. I mean, Ke$ha wore blue lipstick and that doesn’t mean I’m going to follow suit. More »

Why Hickeys Are Awesome

Why Hickeys Are Awesome

Yesterday, my colleague Jessica Pauline Ogilvie wrote a post about why you should ignore sex advice from women’s magazines and instead just listen to your partner and do stuff that feels good. While I’m totally on board with that, the piece went on an interesting tangent in the comment thread about hickeys. Mostly about covering them up, that is. But you know what? I love hickeys. No, let me be clear: I fucking love hickeys. More »

Party Favors: When the ‘Walk of Shame’ Can Be Turned into the ‘Stride of Pride’

Party Favors: When the 'Walk of Shame' Can Be Turned into the 'Stride of Pride'

Personally, I’d rather run than stride back home at 7 a.m. on a Friday before I run into people walking to class looking like a hot mess. – College Candy

Yet another redundant study proves men would rather marry a pretty face and hook up with a curvaceous body. – YourTango

Men don’t really notice when women are wearing high heels. So do women dress for men or do they dress for other women? Ready, debate! – Time

A Florida police officer took desperate measures to set up an “accidental” run in with his ex-girlfriend. Unfortunately for him, his plan backfired and he was laid off from the police force. – Lemondrop

A UK supermarket will sell Viagra in medicine aisles rather than in the pharmacy to make it readily available to the 50 percent of men in the UK who experience erectile dysfunction. You gotta do what you gotta do. – Sky News More »

Why Sleeping With Virgins Is Overrated

Why Sleeping With Virgins Is Overrated

I was twenty-seven when I met “David.” He lived in my neighborhood and we seemed to have the same schedule and/or routine, because we would see each other all the time. Whether I was grocery shopping, getting cash from an ATM, enjoying Happy Hour, or just simply wandering around on a Saturday, I would always see him. It became a running joke with my friends that I was stalking the pretty boy. It also became a joke between David and me, because after several months of awkwardness (it was really that often), we finally started acknowledging each other with smiles and nods that eventually evolved into waves and small talk, and soon, full-fledged banter. More »

He Offered to Give Me a Pearl Necklace. I Thought He Meant Jewelry.

He Offered to Give Me a Pearl Necklace. I Thought He Meant Jewelry.

I was recently spending some quality romp time with a friend, lover … however one wants to categorize him. We were getting all hot and heavy when he whispered something in my ear. This person (we’ll call him Zach) isn’t really one for talking during sex. On several occasions he’s tried to convince me to talk dirty to him, but if he’s not going to reciprocate in the nasty convo, I don’t see why I should put myself out there. Our mid-coitus dialogue usually involves such award-winning lines as “it won’t stay in,” “ouch! Leg cramp!” and everyone’s favorite, “did you come yet?”

But the other day, when he whispered what I hoped would be a sweet nothing, he said: “I want to give you a pearl necklace.” I was confused, so ignored him. Then he said it again, but a little louder: “I want to give you a pearl necklace.” I pulled his head back so we could make eye contact, and I said: “Yeah, I heard you the first time.” More »

Things That Matter More Than How Many People You’ve Slept With

Things That Matter More Than How Many People You've Slept With

Recently, Lemondrop wrote a post about whether you should tell your partner how many people you’ve had sex with. Not only is the answer to that question “No,” there are many other things that you should tell your partner instead.

•Whether you’ve have or had any STDs. This one should go without saying.

•What kind of contraception you’re using or would prefer to use. I use the NuvaRing, so I often have to explain to guys what it is. Since they can feel and notice it during sex, a little context goes a long way. Also, if he is about to pull out a condom, this is a good time to mention your latex allergy. More »

Party Favors: Lap Dancing is a ‘Performance Art’

Party Favors: Lap Dancing is a 'Performance Art'

Strippers ARE smart! And are mostly art majors. – TresSugar

Alert Captain Obvious: Folks who are HIV-positive should use protection, especially to avoid being arrested for “carelessly transmitting HIV.” – Blisstree

Butterfaces unite! Men are said to be more attracted to a woman’s body if you’re just looking for a one-night stand. – The Frisky

A new magical pill combating melanoma has surfaced and soon hypochondriacs everywhere will all be drinking the Kool-Aid. – Allure More »

Party Favors: Cheap Dates Get Laid

Party Favors: Cheap Dates Get Laid

A new survey says that people are 25 percent more likely to go on a date with someone who is labeled as a saver rather than a spender. Well, I guess they won’t be spending very much on dinner, eh? – Consumerist

Someone asked science whether it’s better to date seriously or hook up. Science responded “Um, I don’t really know, whatevs.” – Lemondrop

Postpartum depression isn’t just for women – a new study shows that some men also experience feelings of depression and unhappiness after the birth of their child. – Asylum

Want some pick up lines that haven’t been used a million times already? The Daily Show correspondent (and Flight of the Conchords vet!) Kristin Schaal has some winners for you. – Marie Claire

Which men are most likely to have penis piercings? White guys in their 30s with good educations. Wait, what does this have to do with Prince Albert being in a can? – Huffington Post

If a guy asks you to go to Cancun with him, that’s great, right? Not when it’s over text message and you’re not dating. – Crushable More »