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Meet The Guy Who Was Deported From Saudi Arabia For His Looks (AKA Mr. Too Hot To Handle)

Meet The Guy Who Was Deported From Saudi Arabia For His Looks (AKA Mr. Too Hot To Handle)

Remember those three guys who were reportedly so attractive that they had to be removed from the Jenadrivah Heritage and Cultural Festival, and deported from Saudi Arabia? The trio were attending the festival, but were kicked out for allegedly really, really ridiculously good looking.

Well, here’s one of ‘em. Meet Omar Borkan Al Gala. More »

Hot Stuff Guys Used To Do: Dueling

 Hot Stuff Guys Used To Do:  Dueling

You know how sometimes you’re out at, I don’t know, a company picnic, and two men just break out into fisticuffs over you? Suddenly they just begin pummeling one another for your love? And they call one another rapscallions? And roustabouts?


I’ve never been to a company picnic. It seems like the kind of thing that might happen. With the right crudites, anything can happen.

Anyhow, wouldn’t it be great if, instead of just using their tiny primitive fists, those men drew swords, or, hell, pearl handled revolvers and just began… oh. Then they’d die, probably.

Okay, we started this fun new column in a dark place, apparently. More »

How Hot Is Mitt Romney’s Hot Son, Craig Romney?

How Hot Is Mitt Romney's Hot Son, Craig Romney?

This morning, Deputy Editor Ashley Cardiff noticed that Mitt Romney’s hot son, Craig Romney, was distractingly handsome. I immediately felt sad, because probably, once I marry him, it is going to be awkward the way I did not vote for his dad. If all the Mitt Romney/liberal posts on the site disappear one day and are replaced by Ronald Reagan swimsuit photos, that’s what happened. I’m dating Craig Romney. More »

How To Seduce Your Favorite Villain

How To Seduce Your Favorite Villain

Perhaps you have been reading our American Psycho debate and thinking “Oh, God, I really want to bang Patrick Bateman.” I understand! I make bad choices, too! Christian Bale’s abs are ridiculous! There are a lot of bangable villains out there, but they’re not like heroes. They’re not just going to hunt you down in a tower, except for the times they will, with a machete, probably. The other times, you’re going to have to use all of your lady wiles to seduce them. Here’s how:

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