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Hot Workout Gear For Warmer Weather

Hot Workout Gear For Warmer Weather

The temperatures are rising and that means we can’t hide under tracksuits all the time when we work out. The gym might have climate control, but if you’re exercising outside, you’ll soon be breaking a sweat from the sun and from your work out. It’s important to adjust your activewear wardrobe for the weather. You need to stay cool, dry, hydrated and cute. We know you like to look good when you exercise. More »

Hot Stuff Guys Used To Do: Dueling

 Hot Stuff Guys Used To Do:  Dueling

You know how sometimes you’re out at, I don’t know, a company picnic, and two men just break out into fisticuffs over you? Suddenly they just begin pummeling one another for your love? And they call one another rapscallions? And roustabouts?


I’ve never been to a company picnic. It seems like the kind of thing that might happen. With the right crudites, anything can happen.

Anyhow, wouldn’t it be great if, instead of just using their tiny primitive fists, those men drew swords, or, hell, pearl handled revolvers and just began… oh. Then they’d die, probably.

Okay, we started this fun new column in a dark place, apparently. More »