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Party Favors: The Secrets and Science Behind A Happy Relationship

Party Favors:  The Secrets and Science Behind A Happy Relationship

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The Foolproof Guide To Doing A Hair Bow

The Foolproof Guide To Doing A Hair Bow

This post is brought to you by our friends at Gurl.

I’m a sucker for super cute hair styles, and especially ones that allow me to plop my hair on top of my head without washing it. Updos are a great thing if you’re trying to get an extra day out of that blowout or if you don’t feel like washing your hair. And you don’t have to just do a ponytail or a bun. There are so many different updo styles you can take on. More »

Dress Like Aladdin Characters

Dress Like Aladdin Characters

Brought to you by our friends at Gurl.

You probably never thought of taking fashion inspiration from monkeys, parrots or genies that come out of bottles, but they actually make for some pretty cute outfits. They’re so bright and colorful – perfect for spring and summer! Check out these cute and casual looks inspired by our favorite Aladdin characters ever and click on the links for more info on the clothing featured. More »

Talia Joy Castellano Is The Only CoverGirl Worth Knowing About

Talia Joy Castellano Is The Only CoverGirl Worth Knowing About

Normally, I don’t really care what generically beautiful celebrity CoverGirl is using to advertise their products. Sure, it’s nice to see Ellen DeGeneres in anything, but I feel like their spokesmodels tend to be a bit interchangeable. Except when the CoverGirl is Talia Joy Castellano, because she is awesome. The fact that CoverGirl made her an honorary face of the brand is awesome. The only thing that isn’t awesome is that 13 year old Talia, who makes amazing make-up tutorials, has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma, and is expected to have less than a year to live. More »

How To Keep Your Blow-Out Intact Through A Work-Out

How To Keep Your Blow-Out Intact Through A Work-Out

Do you ever get a blow-out in the morning and then realize that you have to skip your work-out so as not to destroy it? Does it lead into a glorious spiral of skipping work-outs forever, and just lying on the couch eating thin-mint cookies like some sort of 19th century harem lady? That sounds fabulous. I admire that.

However, if you actually feel inconvenienced that you have to skip that work-out, well, I have solved that problem for you! Or rather Gregory Patterson, a stylist at Blow (a New York blow dry bar) has that problem solved. Here are his tips for keeping your blow-out intact: More »

How To Look Hot – Even When You’re Sick

How To Look Hot - Even When You're Sick

You want to know what sucks? Puking. Seriously, the word itself is vile. There’s nothing even remotely attractive about getting sick to your stomach. And normally, you stay pretty unappealing for roughly three days afterwards, though I guess it depends on just how sick you were. Unfortunately, we don’t always have all the recuperation time we need. That’s when it’s important to think back to your sorority days and just how those lady lushes managed to look attractive even after a week-long bender. Better take notes. More »