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I’m Single, But I Want A Wedding

I'm Single, But I Want A Wedding

I was discussing upcoming articles with the big boss, and I mentioned that I wanted to write about, how, recently, I had started really wanting to plan a wedding.

“Do you think it’s because you’re almost 26 and your biological clock is ticking?” She asked.

“No,” I replied, “I don’t have a biological clock.” More »

Poll: Do You Want To Get Married?

Poll: Do You Want To Get Married?

There’s been a lot of talk about marriage this week at TheGloss. Modern women in being married! Megan planning to get married! George Clooney never getting married. 19th Century Marriage narratives! And 16 year olds are getting married, and we really don’t know how we feel about it, because we’re pretty much never able to resolve our feelings on anything, ever.

I think I probably want to get married, if only to advance my country music career. Hah! No, just kidding, I’m tone deaf. I’m working on my pop career.

But! We should ask you. How do you feel? Do you want to get married? Why? More »