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Will Smith Gets To First Base With Jaden On TV And In Related News, I Need To Go Bleach My Brain

Will Smith Gets To First Base With Jaden On TV And In Related News, I Need To Go Bleach My Brain

I’ve made a big mistake this morning and now I want you to do it too. Please watch this horribly uncomfortable video of Will Smith forcibly kissing his teenage son Jaden Smith during an interview for no discernible reason. Then please join me as I try to re-enact the plot of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and erase this memory immediately. What, why, huh, who, child services? More »

Party Favors: Today, In Bullsh*t

Party Favors: Today, In Bullsh*t

Yes, if you’re the victim of rape or incest, you’ll likely have to pay for your own abortion. -DoubleX

What are yawns for? -The Hairpin

The Arrested Development movie is happening! -Betty Confidential

Places that seem desirable for sex but aren’t. -College Candy

Celebrities with posthumous sex tapes… maybe. -The Frisky

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Jessica Alba in repose. -StyleList Home

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Party Favors: Where Do They Find These Women?

Party Favors: Where Do They Find These Women?

“If I look young… shouldn’t I be able to conceive?! Halle Berry did it!” -DoubleX

The most uncomfortable clothes ever. -College Candy

Concerning the South’s divorce rate. -YourTango

“My boyfriend shows his sister weird levels of affection!” -The Frisky

Will Ferrell + Dave Grohl. -The Hairpin

De-clutter. -ShelterPop

Rachel Zoe accuses Brad Goreski of using her and trying to poach her clients. -Styleite

Topshop loves Chicago shoppers! -The Budget Babe

How much exercise do you really need? -YouBeauty

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It-girl Alexa Chung admires Mick Jagger for his hair. -Refinery29

Wear high heels, suck in her cheeks: tips to imitating runway models. -College Candy

There is an app for navigating Fashion’s Night Out. -The High Low

Party Favors: The Year In Sex Scandals

Party Favors: The Year In Sex Scandals

This normal British schoolgirl became a murderer. But only after she posted semi-skanky pictures of herself on Facebook, of course. – Daily Mail

Jesse James, Charlie Sheen, and John Mayer all earned spots on this year’s list of the biggest celebrity sex scandals. In other news, they also landed spots on my Do Not Date Ever list. – The Frisky

Kindle has removed several incest-themed books from their library. However, several books that feature incest still remain for sale, including the Bible. – Lemondrop

Pamela Anderson is on the cover of Playboy again, bringing her grand total to thirteen. – Socialite Life

Is it a good idea to sell Hooters-branded bibs and onesies? They’re still more stylish than orange shorts and sweat socks. – Jezebel

Do we have the right to know about celebrities’ sexual orientations? – College Candy More »