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A Co-Dependent’s Guide On How To Go Places Alone

A Co-Dependent's Guide On How To Go Places Alone

I am bad at doing things alone. Like, really bad. I’ve spent about a third of my life in relationships (sad, I know) and therefore have usually had a date to most things. And when I haven’t had a date, I’ve had friends to come with me, but in case you forgot, I moved and have very few friends so this is difficult at the moment. But on the bright side, it’s forcing me to learn how to go places alone, and that is a life skill everyone should develop (although I’m pretty sure everybody else developed it like a decade before me). More »

Gallery: What It Means to Be a Big Girl

Gallery: What It Means to Be a Big Girl

I’m not talking about big girls as in size. I’m talking about putting on your big girl pants and growing into a beautiful, confident, grown-ass woman. Typically this happens in your 20s and 30s — when you’re past the self-discovery stage and moving to a stage of perfecting and establishing that self to be really, really awesome. The Lady Scouts of America honor ladies accomplishing big girl moments by awarding them with badges. Really hilarious and yet, extremely truthful badges. Did I wear my bathing suit bottoms as underwear in my last laundry day and not care? Sadly no, because I am not that clever. But if I did, I’d get a badge for it. Even though the “campfire girls for grown-ass women” have been thorough in their badge-giving, we’ve thought of a few more big girl moments that deserve some recognition. More »