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Party Favors: Mermaid Camp Is Real

Party Favors: Mermaid Camp Is Real

“Last weekend I went to mermaid camp.” -The Hairpin

This female is an Indiana Jones fan. …HOW COULD THIS BE? -MyDaily

As for this woman, her husband cooks and she watches sports. IMPOSSIBLE. -YourTango

A room inspired by the Olsen twins. -ShelterPop

Why are sex scandals a boy’s club? -Double X

Zoe Kravitz’ Opening Ceremony frock is one of the only successful takes on camo ever. -The Frisky

Anna Wintour accepted Vogue‘s Webby with five words. -Styleite

Michelle Obama wore a $30 Gap dress, which promptly sold out. -Betty Confidential

Louis Vuitton launches online platform for young artists. -The High Low

Excellent pink lip colors for warmer months. -Birchbox

Brooklyn Decker flipped out her hair. -StyleList

The Editors Debate: Ayn Rand – Life Ruiner?

The Editors Debate: Ayn Rand - Life Ruiner?

Salon is featuring a fascinating article about how a woman’s father embraced Ayn Rand’s philosophy and, as Ashley points out, subsequently began to suck at Dadding. He suggested his daughter file for legal emancipation so she could pay to live at home as a teenager, and now communicates with her mostly by forwarding on objectivist e-mails. The author offers a definition for objectivism which runs: What is objectivism? If you’d asked me that question as a child, I could have trotted to the foyer of my father’s home and referenced a framed quote by Rand that hung there like a cross. It read: “My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute.” As a little kid I interpreted this to mean: Love yourself. Nowadays, Rand’s bit is best summed up by the rapper Drake, who sang: “Imma do me.” More »